Friday, November 19, 2010

Patch 1.0.20 Changelog and Moraxus details

Version 1.0.20
- Added a new strength hero:  Moraxus!
- Updated the Caldavar map with significant changes to the bases and area right outside of them
- Assist Gold Reworked
* Instead, half of the total bounty awarded for the hero kill is then divded evenly amongst all assisters on the kill
* The player who gets the kill receives the same amount of gold. Overall this is an increase in gold received for assisting on a kill, however you must actively partake in earning the assist (dealing damage, debuffing, etc) rather than just being nearby
* You still receive gold for simply being in the proximity of an enemy hero kill

- Fixed up a bunch of stringtables
- Delay before the other team can unpause lowered from 60s to 30s
- Disabled voice responses for a lot of abilities that have custom sounds
- New Immortal sound

- Spawn order changed so next unit tabs to Puzzlebox Wizard when Hero + summons grouped together
- Puzzlebox Mauler's passives moved to slots 2/3/4 so that player can easily distinguish Wizard from Mauler
- Fixed Puzzlebox Wizard's Manaburn incorrectly burning 275 instead of 225 at lvl 3
- Manaburn popup is now above target instead of Wizard
- Tooltips redone/fixed

Moraxus preview:

Because HoN needs more axes.

Leaving a trail of headless and maimed corpses in his wake, the blade-throwing Moraxus is among the most feared of the Hellbourne daemons. Some speculate he was once a Beast, transformed by sheer agony in the pits of hell. Others claim he is an elemental creature of warfare itself. Whatever his origin, Moraxus is an unstoppable, implacable foe.


Quake: Makes the ground quake beneath Moraxus, damaging and stunning nearby enemy units.

Arcane Shield: Moraxus gains passive bonus armor, and with expert timing, can absorb enemy spell energies.

More Axes: Moraxus is armed with more axes, which he may throw at enemies as presents. Axes deal damage and apply a stacking movement slow to the enemy hit.

Matraxe: Moraxus creates a defensive axe matrix which feeds off of the energies of nearby enemies. The matrix absorbs incoming damage, and Moraxus may detonate it to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Spotlight video:

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