Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Myrmidon preview

Upcoming Hero Preview: Myrmidon

A denizen of Newerth's uncharted depths, Myrmidon has arisen to check the Hellbourne advance before it reaches his beloved seas. Like the ocean whose form he can take on, Myrmidon is powerful, fickle, and at times even cruel. With his ability to transform into a monster of terrifying strength and power, some question where his loyalties truly lie, but his might is certainly a welcome aid to the Legion in the war against the daemons.


Weed Field: Myrmidon calls forth a line of seaweed from the ground in a line in target direction to bind his enemies after a short delay. Bound units are stunned and take magic damage over time.

Magic Carp: Myrmidon sends his fish friend after target enemy unit. The magical carp will follow the target until it hits, dealing magic damage to the target. In addition, if the target is moving at the time of impact, it is stunned.

Wave Form: Myrmidon manifests the sea's rage, turning into water and crashing to target location. Enemies he passes through are slowed and have their magic armor reduced.

Forced Evolution: Myrmidon transforms himself, exchanging his ranged attack for more durability and power. In his transformed state, Myrmidon attacks at melee range, dealing magic damage to and slowing the target with each hit.

Coming to a Newerth near you on Friday, Dec. 3rd 2010.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Patch 1.0.20 Changelog and Moraxus details

Version 1.0.20
- Added a new strength hero:  Moraxus!
- Updated the Caldavar map with significant changes to the bases and area right outside of them
- Assist Gold Reworked
* Instead, half of the total bounty awarded for the hero kill is then divded evenly amongst all assisters on the kill
* The player who gets the kill receives the same amount of gold. Overall this is an increase in gold received for assisting on a kill, however you must actively partake in earning the assist (dealing damage, debuffing, etc) rather than just being nearby
* You still receive gold for simply being in the proximity of an enemy hero kill

- Fixed up a bunch of stringtables
- Delay before the other team can unpause lowered from 60s to 30s
- Disabled voice responses for a lot of abilities that have custom sounds
- New Immortal sound

- Spawn order changed so next unit tabs to Puzzlebox Wizard when Hero + summons grouped together
- Puzzlebox Mauler's passives moved to slots 2/3/4 so that player can easily distinguish Wizard from Mauler
- Fixed Puzzlebox Wizard's Manaburn incorrectly burning 275 instead of 225 at lvl 3
- Manaburn popup is now above target instead of Wizard
- Tooltips redone/fixed

Moraxus preview:

Because HoN needs more axes.

Leaving a trail of headless and maimed corpses in his wake, the blade-throwing Moraxus is among the most feared of the Hellbourne daemons. Some speculate he was once a Beast, transformed by sheer agony in the pits of hell. Others claim he is an elemental creature of warfare itself. Whatever his origin, Moraxus is an unstoppable, implacable foe.


Quake: Makes the ground quake beneath Moraxus, damaging and stunning nearby enemy units.

Arcane Shield: Moraxus gains passive bonus armor, and with expert timing, can absorb enemy spell energies.

More Axes: Moraxus is armed with more axes, which he may throw at enemies as presents. Axes deal damage and apply a stacking movement slow to the enemy hit.

Matraxe: Moraxus creates a defensive axe matrix which feeds off of the energies of nearby enemies. The matrix absorbs incoming damage, and Moraxus may detonate it to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Spotlight video:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Version 1.0.18

Version 1.0.18

== General / Bugfixes ==

- Tutorial re-voiced by MsPudding~
- Removed Halloween effects
- Fixed some water effect problems with Rampage
- Fixed Nighthound's attackscheme when he is in cloud so it functions correctly.
- Corrected Valkyrie's Javelin speed from 837 to 857.14
- Andromeda's Void Rip will now disjoint her as well as her target on use
- Bubbles' Take Cover will now properly trigger from invulnerable sources of damage
- Bubbles' Kelp Field will now properly stun invulnerable units that move out of the radius (Magmus Lava Surge, for example)
- Bugfix for Ophelia's Judgment so it unbinds the target when they are teleported
- Ophelia's Judgment can no longer be cast on allied lane creeps
- Fixed an old bug with Ophelia that lets her perma-block a neutral creep spawn with illusions
- Wildsoul Bear's Root will now correctly last 9 seconds on non-hero units
- Witch Slayer's Power Drain will now instantly kill illusions on use
- Fixed Bombardier's Boom Dust so it is correctly blocked by Null Stone
- Correctly unbind the targets of Nymphora's Teleport
- Nymphora's Teleport now picks the closest targets to her, not random ones
- Puppetmaster's Puppet Show now silences as well (This is a bugfix for weird situations it can cause)
- Pharaoh's Soul will again reveal around itself while in flight properly
- Pharaoh's Wrath of the Pharaoh is now a Superior Magic instead of Superior Physical touch to fix some issues. No gameplay change.
- Bugfix for Kraken's Charge warping people around
- Thunderbringer's Bolt's reveal is now clearvision
- Fix for Pestilence's Swarm so you can't lose vision on someone in odd situations
- Fixed Dark Lady's Dark Blades so they silence Bubbles correctly when he has Autocast on
- Tundra's Coeurl now has the correct backswing (from 800 to 1000)
- Fixed Tempest's Glacial Blasts from doing 2x damage on the first blast
- Fixed Forsaken Archer's Skeletons so they won't stand around like dorks if she is attacking from max range
- Fixed some effects from playing through the fog

== Items ==

- Added Courier sounds and some effects
- Mana Potion, Health Potion, Wards, and Runes of the Blight now lose ownership when dropped from a courier death
* This means that if you kill an enemy Courier that is carrying wards, you can now use those wards as if you bought them

Ring of Sorcery
- Recipe lowered from 525 to 200

- They now lose charges if you are within 600 units of a visible enemy hero at the same rate they gained them. You begin to gain the charges back as soon as you run away from the enemy.

== Heroes ==

- Fire Shield cast range from 350 to 450

- Buff Quills projectile flight speed from 900 to 2700

- Boom Dust cast range reduced from 700 to 600
- Air Strike's delay lowered to almost nothing
- Pick sound corrected

Blood Hunter
- Blood Crazy from unremovable debuff to removable on enemies, debuff is a "buff" on allies

- When you hit someone who is Tar'd with a Rocket, it will put a stacking DoT on them for each Rocket that hits
* DoT does 15/20/25/30 Magic Damage per second charge

Flint Beastwood
- Flare DoT to smooth damage over the 2 seconds instead of 2 ticks

- Terifying Charge cooldown from 30 static to 30/26/22/18

- Tsunami Charge touch radius from 60 to 80
- Splash cooldown from 8 secs to 11/10/9/8 seconds, damage type changed from magic to physical

Sand Wraith
- Any valid enemy target hit by the initial sand projectile will leave a sand trail behind them!

Voodoo Jester
- Manacost on Mojo from 95/105/115/125 to 110/120/130/140