Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Myrmidon preview

Upcoming Hero Preview: Myrmidon

A denizen of Newerth's uncharted depths, Myrmidon has arisen to check the Hellbourne advance before it reaches his beloved seas. Like the ocean whose form he can take on, Myrmidon is powerful, fickle, and at times even cruel. With his ability to transform into a monster of terrifying strength and power, some question where his loyalties truly lie, but his might is certainly a welcome aid to the Legion in the war against the daemons.


Weed Field: Myrmidon calls forth a line of seaweed from the ground in a line in target direction to bind his enemies after a short delay. Bound units are stunned and take magic damage over time.

Magic Carp: Myrmidon sends his fish friend after target enemy unit. The magical carp will follow the target until it hits, dealing magic damage to the target. In addition, if the target is moving at the time of impact, it is stunned.

Wave Form: Myrmidon manifests the sea's rage, turning into water and crashing to target location. Enemies he passes through are slowed and have their magic armor reduced.

Forced Evolution: Myrmidon transforms himself, exchanging his ranged attack for more durability and power. In his transformed state, Myrmidon attacks at melee range, dealing magic damage to and slowing the target with each hit.

Coming to a Newerth near you on Friday, Dec. 3rd 2010.

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