Hon Mods

Here you can find the best collection of HoN addons and UI mods. Most of the HoN addons come in a file format that requires Hon Modman to run them. Download HoN Modification Manager from the link below:

Download HoN Modman 1.3.6

Click here for Instructions on how to use HoN Modman

So now that you have HoN modman, you can use all of the Hon addons listed below. Click on the links to get more info on the mods

Stumps! Modification

Smart Attack Modifier Cycling Mod

Last Hit Assist 1.6.3

HoN Range indicator Mods

BardUI++v1.32 - Bard User Interface Mod Collection

ProTip Mod - HonExploitMod


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  1. how can i use the Protip mod? i tried to paste it inside my game folder in HON but its not working? im playing the latest version of HON 2.6.xx,. is this still working?

    Please reply