Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Hit Assist 1.6.3

Last Hit Assist 1.6.3 adds a little tick to the creep hp bars indicating a best guess of the active hero's damage.

For creeps without mana, it shows the % of the bar that would be done by listed minimum damage, assuming max hp of 550 + 10 * (# of creep upgrades so far) and armor of 2, the stats on a melee creep without any rax pushed down. For creeps with mana, the assumed max hp is 300 + 10 * (# of creep upgrades) and armor is 0, the stats on a ranged creep without any rax pushed down.

This is rough; it will be wrong if the creeps have modified armor, if you are about to proc an ability modifying your attack damage like Whiplash, or if anything else would modify damage done. It does, however, properly account for effect of the Logger's Hatchet on both ranged and melee heroes.

Download: Heroes of Newerth Last hit assist mod

Hon ModMan1.3.6  is required to run Last hit Assist mod

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