Saturday, December 31, 2011

First Look: Artesia

Here is your first look at the first hero of 2012, Artesia!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and look forward to bringing you Artesia and much, much more in 2012!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Smart Attack Modifier Cycling Mod

SAMCv1.00 (Smart Attack Modifier Cycling)
Download here (Compatible with HoN v2.*)

Stacking Attack Modifiers just became useful.
It will keep any Lifesteal Attack Modifier up as long as possible.
Cycling speed is based on your attack speed and the lowest debuff from any other attack modifier.
There's also an option to disable automatic cycling and bind a hotkey to do the same.

Missed attacks and status effects on you or your target (and thus AM's not being applied)
or switching targets are not accounted for while cycling through all your Attack Modifiers.
Supported Lifesteal Attack Modifiers:
Hungry Spirit

Elder Parasite

Whispering Helm
Symbol of Rage

Attack Modifiers from skills:
Toxicity 7000ms
Enfeeble 4000ms
Accursed's Sear 2000ms

Attack Modifiers from items:
Shieldbreaker Broken Armor 5000ms
Frostwolf Skull's Frostwolf's Skull 3000ms
Frostburn Chilled 2000ms (it doesn't stack 3 times yet! so its not really supported, avoid stacking this for now)
Icebrand Chilled 1500ms (it doesn't stack 5 times yet! so its not really supported, avoid stacking this for now)

Excluded Attack Modifiers:

Beardulons' Bear Root (chance on hit, and is a pet)
Harkon's Blade (manual toggle, overrides all AM's)

Example 1:

When you have an attack speed of 0.5 seconds (2 attacks per second).
And you have the Whispering Helm item along with the Shieldbreaker item.
You will attack 9 times (4.5 seconds) with Lifesteal and only attack once with Shieldbreaker (0.5 seconds).
This is because the debuff from Shieldbreaker is 5 seconds.

Example 2:

When you have an attack speed of 0.75 seconds (3/4th attacks per second).
And you have the Symbol of Rage item along with the Shieldbreaker item, and the Frostwolf's Skull item.
You will attack 2 times (1.5 seconds) with Lifesteal, one time with Shieldbreaker (0.75 seconds) and one time with Frostwolf's Skull (0.75 seconds).
This is because the lowest debuff is from Frostworlf's Skull which is only 3 seconds.

Heroes of Newerth Instant Hero Pick Mod

Hon Instant Hero Picker Mod
This is an instant-pick mod, which wont ever needed to be updated.

Hero picker Features:
  • Pick any hero instantly in All Pick, no matter if MM or Public
  • No more waiting for updates after a new hero gets implemented,
    - the program automatically adds the button for the new hero by itself
  • Updates only will be of cosmetic nature and change/improve the layout
  • Includes Auto-Random
  • Includes Auto-Ready
  • Can be set to None (no auto pick)
  • Supports F2P ownership and EA-Heroes
  • Offers alternative picking method 
  • Shows if something is selected with different color on the statusbar
  • Quickly Deactivate the program by right-clicking the statusbar-button in the main menu
  • Update-able
  • .honmod Format
Free 2 Play Heroes of Newerth Users Support NEW IN 1.5
Statusbar-Button Screenshot Selected/Unselected, and mouse over preview:


Requires Hon Modman, If you dont have the Modification Manager you can Download it below:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy HoNidays! Tons of awesome stuff available now!

It's a very special time of year and that calls for some very special stuff from us here at S2 Games. The list below contains some special thank you's from the team to our players PLUS a few special offers that simply can't be missed!

  • To start, everything in the store will be 25% off Gold and Silver coins until December 27th at midnight! Huzzah! (Excludes sub-accounts, stat resets, and nickname changes)
  • Legacy players get another exclusive benefit! There's a FREE symbol in the store waiting for players with Legacy accounts but only until December 27th at midnight. Thanks again for your support!
  • Jollywood and Christmas Keeper are available once more until December 27th at midnight and they are FREE! Go pick them up and show your Christmas spirit before they're gone!
  • Ho ho ho! Santa Midas is now available for purchase in the store. Go pick him up and enjoy throwing presents and reindeer at your foes! Yes, we're serious. Thank community member Veldt for this amazing alt avatar! Only available until December 30th!
  • There's a new symbol called Silver Lord. You can only buy it with silver coins so it's great way to show your friends how awesome you are at HoN! It'll be available from now on in the store!
  • Need some more coins for all the awesome stuff? It's time for a double silver coin week! From now until December 31st at midnight, players will earn double coins from Matchmaking games. Let's get it on!
  • We also have a very special offer for all of our free-to-play players. From right now until December 27th at midnight EST, we're offering a package deal with EVERY hero in the game for only $10. Don't miss this amazing offer! (Excludes EA heroes)

Don't forget! Player Santa is still up and running until January 2nd! Whenever you buy an item with gold coins, you're able to gift a copy of that item to a friend for free! Get in that giving mood! (Excludes sub-accounts, stat resets, and nickname changes)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Bloodhunter - New avatar and Dumpster Taunt

We have 2 leaks today from the next patch quite possibly. First one is the new Dumpster Taunt, you can watch the video below.

And the second is the new blood hunter alt avatar leak. Below is his in-game shop model, his concept art and a video.


Another leaked avatar; here is the Santa Midas avatar:

Version 2.5.3 - Dominatrix Torturer

Version 2.5.3
- Create a Guide
* You can now create your own hero guides in the game client in the Herodex

- Added content for the store for Christmas. This content will become available over the coming days. Stay tuned to the MotD for more information as these become available!

- Dominatrix Torturer is now available.
- Sol's Fist Taunt size increased from 1.1 to 1.85

- Monarch
* Noxious Cloud increased manacost from 100 to 100/115/130/145
* Noxious Cloud no longer gives vision

Last Hit Assist 1.6.3

Last Hit Assist 1.6.3 adds a little tick to the creep hp bars indicating a best guess of the active hero's damage.

For creeps without mana, it shows the % of the bar that would be done by listed minimum damage, assuming max hp of 550 + 10 * (# of creep upgrades so far) and armor of 2, the stats on a melee creep without any rax pushed down. For creeps with mana, the assumed max hp is 300 + 10 * (# of creep upgrades) and armor is 0, the stats on a ranged creep without any rax pushed down.

This is rough; it will be wrong if the creeps have modified armor, if you are about to proc an ability modifying your attack damage like Whiplash, or if anything else would modify damage done. It does, however, properly account for effect of the Logger's Hatchet on both ranged and melee heroes.

Download: Heroes of Newerth Last hit assist mod

Hon ModMan1.3.6  is required to run Last hit Assist mod

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HoN Range indicator Mods

Cast Range Indicators

AoE Range Indicators

Target Range Indicators

Tower Range Indicators

Reveal Range Indicators


Other Range Indicators
Corrupted Disciple's Electric Tide
Fayde's Cull
Gladiator's Flagellation
Keeper of the Forest's Root
Predator's Terror
Soulstealer's Demon Hands AOE mod
Thunderbringer's Lightning Rod
Wretched Hag's Sonar Scream

Download all of the AOE mods here!!!

Mods wont work without Hon Modification Manager, you can download the latest version from the link below:

Hon modman 1.3.6 Download

HoN Modification Manager 1.3.6 - Latest version

Hon Modman 1.3.6

What is this?

This is a program designed to remove mod incompatibilities and the need to update mods every new patch. It is also capable of maintaining a list of installed mods which can be enabled/disabled individually and offers an automatic update feature for mods.

What is the downside?

Compatible mods need to come in a format different from the simple resources*.s2z scheme, which is usually a little more work for modders to create. (There are however facilities implemented allowing simple conversion from .honmod to .s2z)
Incompatibilities with ".s2z mods" will persist as well (unless they are converted to the new format).

What does it look like?

Like this: (shown are three example mods)

(click to view full size)

How does it work?

When choosing "Apply Mods" from the program menu the enabled mods are applied to the original files from resources0.s2z and compiled into a single s2z mod named "resources999.s2z".


Click Me!

Installation & Usage

To install the program download the zip file linked above containing the program. You can place it anywhere you wish. The program will try to detect the location of your Heroes of Newerth install automatically; if it can't it'll ask you for the folder (usually something like "C:\Program Files\Heroes of Newerth").

To install mods (*.honmod files) put them into the mods directory (see below for locations) or drag them onto the program window. Any mod files in that directory that are compatible will automatically show up in the program.
To use installed mods you need to enable them first (e.g. by double-clicking on them), then select "Apply Mods" from the "File" menu. You'll need "Apply Mods" each and every time the game was patched or you have installed/uninstalled/updated any mods. The program will remind you of this.

The default locations for the mods directory are:
C:\Program Files\Heroes of Newerth\game\mods

Check the mods section on the right side for mods that go with modman

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Version - Fist of Sol and Mother Nature

- The current Free Heroes were changed. The current available list is as follows:
* Valkyrie
* Monkey King
* Gemini
* Chronos
* Swiftblade
* Zephyr
* Engineer
* Fayde

* Parasite
* Thunderbringer
* Wretched Hag
* Martyr
* Puppet Master
* Plague Rider

* Pharoah

- Added a new Taunt: Fist of Sol

- Added a new Keeper of the Forest Alt Avatar: Mother Nature Keeper

- Health Bars for heroes now have Health Pips and glow when you hover over them
* Each small section is 200 Health and each large section is 1000 Health

- New options for colorblind players
* Health Pips or Colorblind options can be turned on and off in the Mod Options section

- /dnd will now ignore mentor/player spectate requests
- You can no longer player spectate or mentor in a Tournament Rules game
- Fixed player count with player spectators/mentors

- For mentors/player spectators, we no longer do:
* PSR checks
* Leaver check
* Verified check
* Private server check

- Hellflower: Can no longer tab to the invisible gadget

- Aluna: Recalibrated Déja Vu timer mechanics to be more accurate with the channel bar in the majority of cases
- Amun-Ra: Fixed Ra's Path of Destruction projectile from going more than 600 range if he gets teleported within the same frame he reaches its cast point
- Cthulhuphant: Fixed his Trample projectile from still going after he dies
- Fayde: Added a check so her Illusions will interact properly with deleted units
- Fayde: Added a death check so if multiple Burning Shadows illusions are present on a unit when the target dies, then the excess illusions attacking that unit all die
- Fayde: Burning Shadows sight gadgets are unable to be tabbed to. Illusions are still selectable via tabbing
- Fayde: Fixed Burning Shadows so Barbed Armor properly returns the damage done to Fayde
- Gemini: Extremely minor tweak to alt avatar animation when walking
- Gemini: Made some effects not play through fog
- Gemini: Fixed teleporting to the wrong place when dying
* Fixes a bug where Gemini drops items that drop on death (ie, Bound Eye) at the killer's feet instead of the pet's feet
- Gladiator: Fixed his invisible gadgets so they can't be tabbed to
- Kraken: Fixed so he stops displacing the target with his Tsunami Charge if he gets unbound from his projectile
- Magebane: Optimized Mana Combustion
- Midas: Updated Elemental Warp's tooltip
- Tundra: Fixed units so they play their idle animation when the stun of Avalanche wears off