Wednesday, April 28, 2010

0.3.5 Patch Notes

Version 0.3.5

- Fixed the 'terrain being black' bug


- Tweaked effects on Frostfield Plate to better match the area (Thanks to Warchamp7)
- Kuldra's Sheep stick will now dispel stealth on its target
- Monkey Courier now has a three second cool down between purchases
- Nullfire Blade's purge no longer passes through Magic Immunity

Tablet of Command
- No longer be castable on Magic Immune units
- Cooldown lowered from 25s to 16s

- Reduced recipe cost by 200
- Now uses a Bolstering Armband rather than Fleetfeet
- Removed agility bonus, increased strength to +16 from +15
- The movement speed slow now lasts 2.5 seconds when wielded by a melee hero, still 1.5 seconds when wielded by ranged
- The slow now stacks in strength with consecutive applications
* Each attack applies a stacking 3% movement speed slow. Stacks a maximum of 5 times, for a 15% slow

- Reduced recipe cost by 200
- Now uses a Fleetfeet rather than Bolstering Armband
- Removed Strength bonus, increased agility to +16 from +15

- Total cost reduced by 400 (as a result of IceBrand and FireBrand changes)
- Agility and Strength bonuses lowered to +16 each (from +21)
- Attackspeed bonus lowered to +20 from +30
- The movement speed slow now lasts 3.5 seconds when wielded by a melee hero, 2.5 seconds when wielded by ranged
- The slow now stacks in strength with consecutive applications
* Each attack applies a stacking 3% movement speed slow. Stacks a maximum of 5 times, for a 15% slow


- Tweaked Fissure's effects to improve performance

- Delay on casting Tar Toss reduced to 0.25 seconds (from 0.4), projectile travel time increased to 0.75 seconds (from 0.35)
* Increases total delay on the impact by 0.25 seconds

Corruped Disciple
- Base damage changed to 44-48 from 44-52

- Damage on Engineer's ult will no longer harm couriers or other splash-immune units

- Guillotine is now renamed to Slice
* The mana destruction is now reduced based on the number of hero targets hit. Destroys 6/12/18/24% of maximum mana, minus 1/2/3/4% per additional target hit (hitting 2 targets would destroy 20% mana each, hitting 3 targets would destroy 16% mana, etc).
* Shadow Stance: Stuns for 1/1.5/2/2.5 s
* Scyth Stance: Burns Mana
- Burning Shadows
* Now travels 160 units farther
* Illusions now attack 1,2,3,4 times and deal 70 damage per attack
* Illusions are now smaller so they don't stack over heroes
* Illusions will now chase heroes properly
* Shadow Stance: Burns Mana instantly when they are hit (same % as Slice)
* Scythe Stance: Stuns
- Dark Shield removed. Replaced with Scythe Stance and Shadow Stance
* On use, switches between Shadow and Scythe Stance
* Starts in Scythe Stance
* No Manacost. 48/36/24/12s cooldown.
* Cannot switch Stances if either Slice or Burning Shadows are in cooldown
* Passive component: Blocks damage based on Stance. 50 damage per charge (max 1,2,3,4 charges, gains one charge every 10 seconds). Ignores damage less than 25.
* Blocks magic in Shadow Stance. Blocks physical in Scythe Stance
* Example: You have 4 charges and are in Shadow Stance. Get nuked by a 300 dmg nuke. All charges removed and nuke damage lowered to 100.
- Reflection reworked
* Still grants stealth and the seamless illusion. Manacost/cooldown/duration unchanged
* Illusion no longer gives experience to Fayde
* Applies 3 second DoT on attack from stealth and stealth is removed/illusion killed. No longer has extra stealth (exits stealth immediately).
* DoT no longer snares
* DoT damage set to 75/125/175 DPS. Deals Physical damage by default (in Scythe Stance), deals Magic damage in Shadow Stance.
* Invibility from the ult is not removed when changing between Shadow/Scythe Stances

Forsaken Archer
- Base damage tweaked to 44-50 from 40-51
- Call of the Damned can now be toggled to prevent skeletons from instantly spawning when killing units. Instead, it will build up charges which can be used at will to spawn skeletons at a later time.

- Unholy Shackles attack + movement speed slow lowered to 20/30/40/50% from 30/40/50/60%
- Summon Malphas mana cost increased to 200/300/400 from 200/250/300

- Number of controllable creeps reduced to 1/1/2/3 from 1/2/2/3

- Fixed an issue causing the passive third ability to play an overly loud sound

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Changelog Patch Notes

- Fixed Fayde's tooltip for Reflection to correctly state that the Illusion is killed when she lands her first attack from stealth.
- Fixed Fayde's model to not be a teapot. Sorry if you like teapots.
- Fixed the hero overlay 'sticking'

Version 0.3.4

- Life Steal items, except for Abyssal Skull, are now exclusive attack modifiers (will not stack with Frostburn, Frostwolf's Skull, etc)
- Dominating neutral creeps (using Ophelia or Whispering Helm) will no longer cause the dominated creep's camp to stack less than 3 times total
- A Doombringer can no longer be dropped manually, killed, transferred to your stash, sold, or held by a courier / Wildsoul bear. Once someone buys a Doombringer, it's in the game for good!
* NOTE: This means that if you buy a Doombringer on a courier / Wildsoul bear, then it will immediately drop the Doombringer. Beware!

(Note: Next patch, Doombringer will no longer be able to be dropped on the ground except when you die.)

- Matchmaking will now sort players from top to bottom according to SMR
- Fixed an issue where the loading race number carries over to the next game, it should be reset properly each match now
- Right clicking images for the various game mode/options on the "Join Game" notification should now close the notification properly
- "Official" and "Official - No Stats" icons properly appear in the first column in the game browser now with their appropriate tooltip
- Hovering over locked or unlocked slots in the game lobby will display the appropriate "Locked" or "Unlocked" tooltip now
- Fixed the Jail Bars appearing mis-aligned when a player is locked on the Hellbourne side in the game lobby
- Fixed the right click host visible menu appearing half cut-off if used on the Hellbourne side of the game lobby
- Added an tooltip to the host's lock/unlock button indicating that slots can not be locked in the "Auto Balanced" game mode
- Empty hero picker icons no longer react to mouseover/clicks as if they're active

- Fixed an issue where players who tried to add friends during the first few days of open beta experienced issues trying to request new friends got a message indicating they had already requested them and needed to wait. They should no longer need to wait any longer than 60 seconds to re-request their a friend
- Fixed an issue where certain players would always be flagged with a PSR of "N/A", resulting in 100% win chance for their team
- The notification history now adds the most recent notifications to the top of the list
- Fixed a small animation on the effect indicators
- Fixed a bug which caused music to not loop
- Removed that non working update button
- Sending buddy/clan whispers to players in /afk mode will no longer return a response indicating that the player was AFK with the reason
- If a player wishes to not see buddy/clan whispers they can use /dnd mode and it will stop those messages from being delivered to them

- Startup.cfg fixes (credit to Notausgang)
* SetSave is now properly quoted and escaped
* BindButton, BindImpulse, etc is now properly escaped
* Alias is now properly quoted and escaped

UI modding enhancements (credit to Notausgang/Tisser):
- Added new UI function IsEnabled. (Credit to Tisser)
- Added a new UI function EscapeString(str). It scans the input string for any \ or ' characters and adds a backslash before them
* Don't do this twice to the same string! That will likely cause the result to be invalid
- Added new UI_CMD() AddTemplateListItemWithSortReversed() that takes the same parameters as AddTemplateListItemWithSort() but adds the newest elements to the top of the list instead of the end (so the newest item appears at the top of the widget.)


Barbed Armor
- Fixed it returning damage to owners of gadgets that deal damage (Voodoo's Ward, Defiler Spirits, etc)

- Damage multiplier is now constant while the effect is on them (+20%), not a burst at the end
- Now perplexes

Mock of Brilliance
- Damage will not be dealt if a Courier holds the Mock

Nomes Wisdom
- Recipe cost increased to 600 from 260

Restoration Stone
- Now properly gives the sum of it's parts in bonuses

Savage Mace
- Damage increased to 88 (proper sum of it's parts)


New Hellbourne Agi Hero Fayde

- Sped up the quills for his quill spray

- Fixed Announcer

- Fixed a small Multicast issue

- Reduce walk noises by 66%
- Tweak footsteps, more organic sounding
- Mana cost of rockets set to 50/60/70/85 from 50/65/80/95
- Hitting a target with rockets within 175 units will now deal full damage, rather than half
- Tar Toss is now Physical instead of Magic, but can be removed by Purge, Shrunken Head activation, etc
- Reworked Focus Buffer
* Now absorbs 150/300/450/600 Magic damage
* Buff lasts 20 seconds
* 20 second cooldown
- Sawblade Showdown can now be boosted by Staff of the Master
* Increases range to 1000 from 700
* Applies a 70% snare to all enemies inside of the saws

Corrupted Disciple
- Recommended Item tweaks

- Fixed the turret sometimes not being able to fire the last 2 shots of the burst
- Fixed the turret not using 1/16th of its mana per shot when it got more mana

- Tormented Soul no longer draws on the minimap

- Ward health lowered to 60/110/160/210


- Movespeed lowered by 5

- Radius of the stun is now consistent across all levels at 225

- Call of the Valkyrie cast time reduced from 1.33s to 0.6s

Also along with the new patch a video showing a hopefully next patch hero has arrived, you can check it out here:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

0.3.2 & 0.3.3 Patch Notes + Update crash fix


Version 0.3.3
- Sending a whisper to a player who is not online will now return a message indicating the player is not online
- The updater no longer crashes when a file doesn't exist (such as tos.txt)

The Chipper
- Fixed a bug with Focus Buffer. I was dividing by zero. The universe almost ceased to exist. You can thank me later.

Version 0.3.2

- Neutral Creep camps (Normal and Ancient) can now only be stacked up to 2 additional times (3 Stacks Total)
* Exception are the smallest camps, which have no limit still

- Selling wards of sight / puzzlebox recipe within the 15s grace period will now restock the shop.
- The weak neutral creep camp on Hellborne side can no longer be pulled into the lane.
- Any teammate can now take Wards of Sight and Wards of Revelation from a courier, regardless of who purchased them
* Previously either the courier owner or the purchaser of the wards had to manually give the wards to a teammate; now the teammates can take it by themselves
- Activating a courier's "Transfer Items to Hero" ability (3rd ability) will automatically transfer any Wards of Sight and Wards of Revelation from the courier to your inventory, regardless of who purchased them
- Pets can no longer pick up Token of Life, Token of Sight, Token of Stealth, or Bananas
* No more ninja'ing the token with a flying courier / Wildsoul's bear
- Consumables (Health Potions, etc) purchased by different teammates will no longer combine together on couriers
- Ordering multiple units at a time will no longer artificially inflate your APM

- Added a Message of the Day upon logging in
- The following changes pertain to players using "invisible" mode:
* They will now appears as "offline" if a /whois or "User Information" is done on them
* They will no longer be able to send/receive whispers, send/receive IM's, and send buddy/clan whispers, however they will still be able to receive buddy/clan whispers.
* They will now properly see all their online buddies/clan members when logging in
- Removing yourself as a buddy now fails with an appropriate error message.
- When a buddy approves a friendship request, the person who requested it will no longer see "You are now friends with ." They will correctly see "You are now friends with ."
- Fixed right clicking a buddy to display the appropriate menu choices the first time they are clicked (instead of the second)
- Fixed Team/All chat to remember it's previous state, so when navigating to another channel and coming back to the game lobby it will properly show the last chat type that was used
- When in the game lobby, clicking the "Send" button will now return focus to the text input
- Fixed some of the right click menu options either not appearing or not working
- Fixed banning/unbanning someone from a chat channel, it should now work properly when used
- Adding a user to your ignore list will stop all incoming buddy requests from the ignored user
- Players can only request the same person as a buddy once every 5 minutes now
- Fixed joining and leaving clan channels with long names
- IM notifications only pop up once every 2 minutes now, however the IM count and any IM conversations will still be updated real time.
- Fixed chat channels saving
- Added additional flood protection to the chat server when requesting a buddy or approving a buddy.
- Arranged matches should now be reported to clan members and buddies, but the join notification will not show a "Join Game" button, it will merely be informational
- Using a /whois or "User Info" on another player in a matchmaking game should display their information correctly now

- Implemented the community mod "Chat Textbox Improvements" for the game lobby, credit to slime73 for this contribution
* Clicking anywhere on the chat window will set focus to the text input
* Pressing escape will remove focus from the text input if it has no text, if there is text it will clear it without removing focus. You can then press escape again to remove focus
* This fixes an issue where currently focus is forced to the chat window and doesn't allow players to use VOIP for the in the game lobby

- Fixed matchmaking epic clock ticks
- Fixed matchmaking ratings being -1 (For reals this time)


New Legion Intelligence Hero: The Chipper

- Hook cast time decreased to .3 from .41

- Tokens and Bananas are no longer cloned to the Turret

- Fixed Ult grabbing gadgets/PsuedoPets

- Texture fixes

Pollywog Priest
- Fixed the weird LOD model stuff

- Toxin Ward health rebalanced to 100,150,200,250 from 75,150,225,300

- Debuff while using level 4 Blade Frenzy is now -50% Attack Speed instead of -55 Attackspeed

If you are having issues updating, this has fixed it for me:

1. Download this: Tos.txt

2. Extract tos.txt in the heroes of newerth install directory

3. Run hon_update that is located in the same directory

4. Play the game

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fear the Chiprel - New hero, Updated with skills

The next hero to be released and an original S2 hero although he looks a lot like techies or tinker. He is going to be released this week

S2Idejder :

So yes, we plan to put in a new hero this week (if something horrible doesn't happen like earthquake, flood, the Rapture, or our programmers falling asleep by accident) and we might get a test patch up soonish depending on a few internal factors.

But until then, you can scratch your head and go "What is this I don't even..." at how we incorporated this into a legion int new S2 hero:


 The chipper skill descriptions :

Skill 1 - Rocket Barrage
Fires a small rocket in any direction. Rocket will ministun and deal damage to first target it hits. Does not hit neutrals or inorganic targets.

Range: 3000
Type: Magic
Mana cost: 50/65/80/95
Damage: 105/130/155/180
Rocket impact causes a 0.1 sec ministun.
Uses a charge-based system (similar to Panda's flurry or Slither's wards).
Maximum of 3 charges.
Recharge time is 4 seconds.
Rocket now does half damage if Chipper is within 175 units of an impact.

Skill 2 - Tar toss
Chipper heaves a spoonful of special tar at a target location. Any enemies hit are slowed. The amount they are slowed depends on how close they are to the center of impact.

Range: 600
Radius: 300
Mana cost: 50/65/80/95
Cool down: 25/20/15/10
Duration: 5 seconds across all levels.

The closer the enemy is to the center of impact, the more they are slowed.
Maximum movement slow is 20/40/60/80%
Maximum attack speed slow is 10/20/30/40%
A cool popup will show if you land a 90%+ snare on someone. MAX!

Hitting someone with a rocket while covered in Tar will cause them to burn for 20,30,40,50 Magic damage per second for the rest of the debuff.

Skill 3 - Focus Buffer
Provides a barrier to protect allies from magic damage.

Range: 800
Type: Magic
Manacost: 50
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Duration: 20 seconds
Reduces all Magic damage dealt to the buffed target by 11,14,17,20%
Damage reduced is reflected back in a 600 AOE, divided equally among all enemy heroes

Ultimate - Sawblade Showdown
Chipper summons other chiprels from underground to push spinning sawblades out of the ground.

Uses Vector Targeting.
Type: Magic
Range: 700
Manacost: 140/180/220
Duration 8 seconds
Cooldown: 60/45/30 seconds
Deals 100/200/300 initial damage plus 75/125/175 damage per second.