Friday, April 29, 2011

Version 2.0.27

Version 2.0.27
- AFK players are no longer included in vote counts
- Added 6 account icons created by community member Popo`
- Added some new data to the Watch User interface
- Fixed some annoyances with the Topbar and Notifications

Fixed the following to prevent mod exploits:
- Blood Chalice
- Sacrificial Stone
- Balphagore's Hell on Newerth

== Items ==

Flying Courier
- Returned the visual effects when the Flying Courier used its Q and W

Health Potion
- Fixed so it won't affect siege units

Homecoming Stone
- Now disarms the tower you teleport into for 3 seconds (begins at the start of the channel)
- Adds an additional 3 seconds to the disarm for every additional teleport while it is still disarmed
* First disarms for 3s total, length of the channel
* Second disarms for 6s total, 3s seconds past channel
* Third disarms for 9s total, 6s seconds past channel, etc

Mana Potion
- Fixed so it won't affect siege units

Mock of Brilliance
- Fixed it showing the glow only when it is 'on' and not 'off'

== Heroes ==

- Added new Gold Collection Alt Avatar: Forsaken Strider

Friday, April 22, 2011

2.0.26 Patch Notes - Ninja patch

Version 2.0.26
- Fixed shop stock decreasing even if you had a full inventory when trying to buy a limited quanity item
- Fixed a longstanding annoyance where on screen health bars that appear above units would occlude other health bars
* This was most prevalent when a full health creep was standing to the left of a low health creep. The full health creep's health bar would end up occulding the health bar of the low hp creep, making it much harder to last hit/deny
- Added 4 new Account Icons

== Heroes ==

- Added a new Agility hero: Silhouette

- Introducing a Limited Edition Alt Avatar: Bunny Predator (available for one week only!)
- Added a new Premium Alt Avatar: Wretched Hottie
- Added a new Alt Avatar: White Lotus Silhouette

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First look: Silhouette

Role: Silhouette is a ranged Agility hero based around quick, unpredictable movements and attacks. She’s definitely got carry potential, but also houses an array of early game action tools to let her get in the fray early on. Silhouette has the arsenal of any self-respecting ninja: she owns a vast collection of shiny throwing projectiles, and always has her trusty grappling hook with her. Ninjas are tricky, and Silhouette is no exception; even her Shadow is a weapon.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Version 2.0.23

Version 2.0.23
- Fixed the Zzz above creeps for player controlled units
- Vagabond Leader,Minotaur, and Catman Champion now no longer use abilities against Magic Immune units

== Items ==

- Token of Life duration lowered from 10 minutes to 7 minutes
* Kongor's respawn time is still 10 minutes

- Bastard Sword removed from the game
- Halberd removed from the game
- Fortified Bracelet renamed to Fortified Bracer
- Talisman of Exile renamed to Amulet of Exile
- Great Arcana renamed to Arcana

Assassin's Shroud
- Fixed a tiny bug where if you had a high enough attackspeed you can proc Shroud bonus damage more than once on the same Shroud state.
- Bastard Sword replaced with a Broadsword
- Recipe cost increased by 200

- Old:
* Bolstering Armband, Halbred, 1150 Recipe
* +6 Str, +30 Damage, Bash
- New:
* Mighty Blade, Quickblade, 1100 Recipe
* +10 Str, +10 Agi, +20 Damage, Bash

Runed Axe
- Renamed to Runed Cleaver
- Bastard Sword replaced with a Broadsword
- Damage lowered from 65 to 55

Savage Mace
- Old:
* Halberd, Halberd, Slayer
- New:
* Warhammer, Warhammer, Slayer

- Cost lowered from 2400 to 2200

== Heroes ==

- Added a new Agility hero: Nomad
- Added a new Alt Avatar: Nomaddin
- Added a new Alt Avatar: Rosie Engineer

- Essence Link fixed so it links correctly when the person she is inside is moving very quickly
- Made the detection if the target becomes invulnerable better

- Push from Turret increased by ~20%
- Damage from Energy Field changed from % based to 28/58/88 per second to all units inside
- Tinker removed. Replaced with Spider Mines
- Spider Mines
* 7 second cooldown, 90/100/110/120 Manacost
* Activate to consume one charge to place a Spider Mine at your location. Up to 9 may be placed at one time, each dealing 150/200/250/300 Magic Damage.
* Up to 1/2/2/3 charges may be stored, refreshing every 30 seconds
* Spider mines are stealthed and appear when an enemy comes near them, chasing them until contact.

- Fixed illusions from switching targets if the target becomes invulnerable
- Improved the server performance of her stances and illusions

Forsaken Archer
- Fixed an exploit with effects and Crippling Volley

Pollywog Priest
- Made the target animate properly after finishing Tongue Tied

- Made damage on Carnivorous be nonlethal
* Fixes Predator killing enemy units when he shouldn't be

- Fixed Stampede's projectile going through invulnerability

- Fixed Electric Eye so that if you use Detonate on the Eye, then it will put Scout's Detonate ability on cooldown
- The silence will no longer hit mechanical units

- Altered the effects of Poison Spray to fix it shooting off in the wrong direction

- Fixed the dual-red wings so it moves with the target if the target is pushed

- Frost modifier priority changed to fix issues in a real game with her projectile being invisible

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nomad Spotlight Video

The long lost hero finally sees daylight. Coming this friday to Newerth, this elusive wasteland wanderer has his own bag of tricks to show Newerth the fine art of ass whooping.

Nomad coming to Newerth this Friday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PC gamer - Exclusive nomad preview

The Nomad, a Legion hero from early builds of the game (who was even playable via console commands), is back with a vengeance. But the Nomad’s been doing some training in the arid wastes and has a whole new bag of tricks. We got the exclusive look at the new and improved version of this wasteland wanderer. Read up on his brand new set of abilities, lest the Nomad outsmart you with his desert sands when he’s released this Friday.