Friday, April 22, 2011

2.0.26 Patch Notes - Ninja patch

Version 2.0.26
- Fixed shop stock decreasing even if you had a full inventory when trying to buy a limited quanity item
- Fixed a longstanding annoyance where on screen health bars that appear above units would occlude other health bars
* This was most prevalent when a full health creep was standing to the left of a low health creep. The full health creep's health bar would end up occulding the health bar of the low hp creep, making it much harder to last hit/deny
- Added 4 new Account Icons

== Heroes ==

- Added a new Agility hero: Silhouette

- Introducing a Limited Edition Alt Avatar: Bunny Predator (available for one week only!)
- Added a new Premium Alt Avatar: Wretched Hottie
- Added a new Alt Avatar: White Lotus Silhouette

- Fixed her Emerald Lightning so it will stun the first target even if the target enters fog on the same frame the ability goes off

Blood Hunter
- Made his Blood Sense map icon have the proper icon when you hover over it on the minimap
- Made Blood Sense map icon slightly smaller so it doesn't clutter stuff up as much

- Optimized Boom Dust performance

- Lifesteal streak effects play again when attacking with his aura. Derp.

- Made Unholy Expulsion's tooltip list it as a Physical spell
- Added a 30 second timer to Unholy Expulsion
* Timer starts when skill is cast, so it will indicate when the spirits start to fade away

- Made the damage source equal to Empath if Empath goes inside someone and uses Essence Link
* Fixes your ally getting the kill credit rather than yourself if they die from Essence Link

- Added cliffwalking, treewalking and buildingwalking to Burning Shadows' illusions
* Allows them to chase without being blocked by obstacles
- Sped up her attack time when under the effects of Reflection so you do not stand there after attacking out of stealth

- Grapple's gadget now doesn't draw on minimap.
- Fixed a bug where Gauntlet's Grapple was hitting heroes directly behind him if the hero was hugging Gauntlet's back

Night Hound
- Fixed Teen Night Hound's Pounce; it now plays its sound + animation when used on an enemy unit

- Fixed all of the sounds while his Alt Avatar is active

- Fixed an extremely rare bug with Ophelia/Nymphora teleporting Pharaoh to fountain and Pharaoh teleporting all the enemy heroes to his fountain

Puppet Master
- Made Puppet Show not issue a stop command on the target if the target doesn't find another target to attack
* This fixes a hitch if the target never attacks anything
- Fixed Puppet Show to not cancel when the acquired target goes invulnerable for a split second
* Magmus able to cancel the ability completely if he is targeted, for example
- Fixed Puppet Show to not cancel when the acquired target gets fogged
* Fixing bad and buggy behavior
- Fixed a server crash with Voodoo Puppet
- Changed the assist mechanics of Voodoo Puppet
* Now awards kill credit to Puppet Master instead of the allied hero attacking the Puppet if the allied hero lands the killing blow

- Fixed a mod-enabled exploit

- Changed Marksman Shot so it won't be targetable on siege units

- Fixed Swift Slashes from making his corpse stand up at the end if he dies while using it

- Fixed Elemental Void so people can use Tablet of Command on allies caught within

- Dark Swarm damage scaling from 20/40/60/80 to 32/48/64/80
- Terrorform tweaked so Tremble is now revealed 1 second after an enemy hero enters the same mound as him
- Linger time when leaving Mounds and retaining the perks is reduced to 1 second from 2 seconds
- Shudder can no longer be killed by Nullfire Blade
- Shudder's disable is a now properly a Debuff

- Tweaked how he gains Intelligence so he can gain an unlimited amount
* The amount of Intelligence a single enemy can lose is still capped at 125

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