Saturday, June 19, 2010

Version 1.0.4

Think of this as a minipatch

- Tournament mode updated to not allow mods to be used
* Players with mods installed cannot play in tournament mode games, however they can spectate
* Tournament mode games are forced invitation-only games, meaning the host must invite the other players into the match
* Tournament mode will still allow teams to specify who gets first ban so teams can decide between first ban/team pick

- Reworked how health and mana lerps work so they are cleaner overall
- You can now press tab after typing /r to rotate through a list of people who have whispered you recently
- The score screen can now be toggled (default [ key)
- Fixed an extremely rare case where a player could be terminated after the game ended (counting as a leave)
- Fixed an issue causing gold/min and exp/min stats to become inaccurate when game was paused
- Fixed an issue causing gold/min and exp/min to become inaccurate when a player disconnected/reconnected
- Removed an unnecessary option from options menu
- Gold lerping removed
- Fix to a bug that allowed people to pick a hero during a banning phase or in an all-random game

Darkwood Vale

- Moved outside tier 1 neutral camps to where the outposts were
- Moved outposts to where the tier 1 outside neutral camps were
- Building health increased to be -20% of normal, from -25% of normal

- Fixed Time Lock not applying to enemies

- Cleansing Shock can now be cast on self via double-activate

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Version Changelog

- Fixed the changelog ingame to be the correct version

Version 1.0.3
Darkwood Vale

- Removed two neutral spawns, replaced them with outposts
- Replaced two of the higher tier neutral camps with tier 1 neutrals
- Outermost towers are now level 1 towers (instead of level 2)
* This means they will do slightly less damage and less starting health, same as the outer most towers on Caldavar
- Lowered building health on this map by 25%, lowered ranged rax health regeneration rate by 25% (these changes only affect the darkwood vale map)
- Moved some trees to allow better ward spots to cover runes


- Players will no longer see trees die in fog
* Meaning, juking with Logger's Hatchet / Runes of Blight is now much more fun!
- Added an interface option for "Double Activate." When enabled, certain items and abilities may be double-clicked (or double-activated) for automatic use:
* Homecoming Stone and Post Haste teleports you home
* Health Potions and Mana Potions are used on self
* Tablet of Command, Stormspirit, Charged Hammer, and Nullfire Blade are used on self
* Portal Key blink towards home
* Grace of the Nymph, Inner Light, Protective Charm, Camouflage, Nature's Protection, Arcane Hide, Healing Wave, Cursed Shield, Fire Shield, Frenzy, and Focus Buffer are used on self
- Added new game interface option "Move To Spawn On Disconnect"
* When enabled, the server will automatically issue a move command to your hero to move back to base whenever you crash, freeze, or lose your internet connection
- Added new keybind: "Cancel And Hold Position"
* Functions exactly like "Hold Position", except it also cancels animations
* Players who want this functionality can replace their current Hold keybinding with the new Cancel and Hold keybinding
- A unit in the air no longer gains the 25% "uphill miss chance" evasion
* Units stunned by Witch Slayer or Magmus or tossed by Pebbles won't gain extra evasion
* Couriers and Tundra bird won't gain extra evasion
- Health and Mana bars for heroes will now show the damage they take
* This new 'shadowed' bar can be turned off in the options menu
- If the player drag-selects, and the current active control entity is not a hero, and the selection contains a hero, then the active control entity will become the first hero in the selection.
* This allows players to drag-select ophelia + her creeps and ALWAYS have Ophelia as active, regardless of the last active unit.

- Scorescreen now contains voting options (kick, pause, concede, remake) and add friend functionality
- The camera will no longer shake when an effect (such as homecoming stone) is played in fog
- Fix to properly calculate a player's exp/min, even if he reached max level
- Neutral creep agro range for allc reeps set to 300 (some were 250, some were 300)
- Vulture Lord now has a +3 AOE armor aura
- Fix to Kongor so he won't wonk out and no one can hit him anymore
- Added a visual effect for Main health bars, they now course with energy
- Modified the internal random number generator to use a much higher quality distribution of random number
- Dual target abilities now properly ignore trees if their target scheme ignores them
- Hero health/mana bars are now shadowed with 500ms delay on the shadows
- Gold lerps to its actual value over 350m
- Toggles are correctly propagated to illusions
* Fixes illusion steamboots, illusion fayde stance, etc


- Added "Potential Hero Selection" functionality
* At the hero selection screen, you can right-click on any hero to make it your "Potential Hero"
* Spectators and anyone on your team can see your potential hero (the enemy team can't)
* If you run out of time, you will select that hero rather than randoming
- Prevent the "5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Let's get it on" countdown from happening after the hero selection screen
- Loading bar now courses with energy
- The game lobby will no longer display the message "PlayerName has connected." once for their initial connection, and again when they have finished loading
* It will now say "PlayerName is connecting." and "PlayerName has connected." to distinguish the different events
- Set the max channel chat message (250), max game chat message (150), chat channel topic (140), and channel name length (30).
- Channel messages will only play sounds when receiving a message in the current channel that has focus
* This fixes all the sounds that used to play when a user was in multiple channels at the same time
- The channel name + topic area of the channel is now truncated off properly and no longer wraps off the panel onto the rest of the UI for long channel topics
- Added a hovertip to the channel name + topic so if the topic is 95+ chars, if you hover over it it displays the full topic, similar to how long game names work in the Public Game interface
- The game lobby will now play the epic lobby.mp3 music
- Moved the voip mute button/icon things to the small colored circle to the side of the player slot (which normally is only used for the right-click menu) in all game phases
* The normal right-click menu (which is only available pre-hero-picker) now occupies the same spot used to show the player's avatar/left-click to join button)


- Fixed a bunch of random crashes caused from clicking the "Disconnect" button
* Before, clicking the button had a small random chance to corrupt a random place in memory that caused you to crash at a random time doing something random
- Updated the wording of some of the tooltips to be a bit more clear
- When viewing a player's stats, "Public Statistics" is now selected by default (previously "Ranked Statistics")
- Prevent a buddylist bug when the user loses connection to the chat server, then reconnects to the chat server
- Russian stringtables updated
- Fixed lock camera on player not turning off after a replay
- Profanity filter is now optional
- Follow fix: If two players are following each other and one of them joins a game, the other one will now join that game instead of both of them disconnecting
- Fixed a spelling error in the matchmaking interface
- Fixed crash when CLIPBOARD selection is unowned and an attempt is made to paste
- Fixed an issue that disconnected a user if they typed a player's name into the IM window
- Fix to the close button of the MOTD so you can click it easier
- Fixed mousewheel events not having the correct coordinates in windowed mode
- Re-organized the options menu slightly
- The game list is no longer cleared when closed
* The list will only auto-refresh when it is opened for the first time or a game starts
- Fixed Official Stats or No Stats showing up when you invite someone to a game
- Removed cast time on Taunt


- Will now be attacked by Towers and the Well

Geometer's Bane
- Grants 0.1sec invulnerability on activation

- Damage increased from 40 to 45

Plated Greaves
- Will no longer apply it's buff to Wildsoul's bear

- Recipe increased from 1100 to 1250

Shrunken Head
- Added to the tooltip that it cannot be dispelled

- Price lowered to 800 from 900

- No longer silences or perplexes, just stuns
* This allows you to queue up orders while under it's effects


- Maliken, Warbeast, and Wildsoul transformations will no longer act stupid when Dark Lady Ults
- Valkyrie Arrow, Devourer Hook, and Voodoo Casks will no longer hit couriers

- Added new Legion Strength hero, Tundra
* Based on Rexxar the Beastmaster from DotA

- Fire Shield dispels stuns once again
- Flame Consumption will no longer automatically activate below 400hp. Must be cast manually.
* This means that silences/stuns/etc will prevent Accursed from triggering his ult
- Staff of the Master now lets Accursed use Flame Consumption while silenced

- Spider Sting will no longer stand there like a dummy if a hero blinked while the projectile was midair

- Initial 200/275/350 Magic damage on Shockwave is now Superior Magic, meaning it will go through magic immunity

- Shell Surf vision increased from 600 to 800 units and now keeps granting vision if it goes the max distance for 3.34 seconds.
- Fixed a bug with Shell Toss that was resetting the cooldown incorrectly
- Song of the Sea now hits units in fog and invisible units
- Take Cover no longer perplexes
- Kelp Field will no longer deal damage or stun magic immune heroes

- Attack time increased from 350ms to 450ms

Corrupted Disciple
- Electric Tide now is now correctly displayed when originating from a position within fog

- Base strength increased from 23 to 25
- Base Armor increased from 2.24 to 2.74
- Creeps will no longer dispel the tree

- Fixed the Turret's attacks eating Nullstone
- Tinker cooldown increased from 15 to 20
- Tinker manacost increased from 25 to 50

Forsaken Archer
- Call of the Damn's skeletons will no longer trigger neutrals to use their abilities

- Infernal Instability now has an instant cast time
- Cast range on Grapple increased from 625/800/975/1150 to 725/850/975/1150

- Mighty Swing can now be toggled on and off

- Base armor lowered from 2.4 to 1.4
- Life Void cooldown increased from 7 seconds to 10 seconds

- Volcanic Touch now correctly deals damage to Mechanical units

- Fixed tooltips
- Possession manacost lowered from 150 to 100

- Number of people taken with her Teleport increased from 0,1,2 to 1,2,3 additional targets per level

- Slow from missing a Cannonball lowered from 4s to 2s

Pollywog Priest
- Max distance of Electric Jolt lowered by 200

- Phoenix Wave can now target both units and the ground

Sand Wraith
- Using Manifest no longer kills all active illusions

Soul Reaper
- Added to the ult tooltip to correctly state the cooldown changes to 70s at all levels with it

- Fixed the "being knocked down" while using an item bug

- Fixed a bug causing sleep to sometimes be removed instantly by a creep
- Succubus' Hold cooldown lowered from 120s at all levels to 120/110/100

- Base movespeed increased from 300 to 305
- Returned attack no longer triggers responses like Corrupted Disciple's Static Discharge

- Javelin will now leave lingering vision if it hits nothing
- Tweaked Prism to correctly hit invulnerable allied heroes

- Damage when the bear dies now properly goes through immunities
- Updated his tooltip to reflect that he takes damage when his bear dies
- Beardulon abilities reworked very slightly
* Gains Return at level 1
* Gains Entangling Claws at level 2
* Gains Demolish at level 3
* Gains Magic Resist at level 4
- Wild cast time removed, letting him cast it on the run
- Base movespeed while in Bear Form increased from 270 to 285

Wretched Hag
- Bat Blast can now target both units and the ground

- Cyclone damage halved against non-hero units