Saturday, June 19, 2010

Version 1.0.4

Think of this as a minipatch

- Tournament mode updated to not allow mods to be used
* Players with mods installed cannot play in tournament mode games, however they can spectate
* Tournament mode games are forced invitation-only games, meaning the host must invite the other players into the match
* Tournament mode will still allow teams to specify who gets first ban so teams can decide between first ban/team pick

- Reworked how health and mana lerps work so they are cleaner overall
- You can now press tab after typing /r to rotate through a list of people who have whispered you recently
- The score screen can now be toggled (default [ key)
- Fixed an extremely rare case where a player could be terminated after the game ended (counting as a leave)
- Fixed an issue causing gold/min and exp/min stats to become inaccurate when game was paused
- Fixed an issue causing gold/min and exp/min to become inaccurate when a player disconnected/reconnected
- Removed an unnecessary option from options menu
- Gold lerping removed
- Fix to a bug that allowed people to pick a hero during a banning phase or in an all-random game

Darkwood Vale

- Moved outside tier 1 neutral camps to where the outposts were
- Moved outposts to where the tier 1 outside neutral camps were
- Building health increased to be -20% of normal, from -25% of normal

- Fixed Time Lock not applying to enemies

- Cleansing Shock can now be cast on self via double-activate

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