Version 2.5.19
- Free Hero Pool has been updated. The list is as follows:
* Flint Beastwood
* Night Hound
* Forsaken Archer
* Blood Hunter
* Andromeda

* Bombardier
* Parasite
* Witchslayer
* Myrmidon
* :kine: Kinesis
* Martyr

* Predator
* Amun-Ra
* Pharaoh
* Behemoth

== New Content ==

- Added new Early Access Hero: Artillery
- Added new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Heavy Artillery

- Added new Rampage Alt Avatar: Rhino Rampage

== General ==

- Game UI Optimizations
* Faster In-Game Shop: Interactions with the In-Game Shop are now much quicker and will feel more responsive and fluid.
* Game UI Optimized: Increased the efficiency of the UI for a smoother gameplay experience
* Pings Throttled: Preventative measures are now in place to reduce Mini-map spam

== Optimizations and Bug Fixes ==

- Berzerker: Chain Spike fixed so it can no longer deal more than intended damage
- Corrupted Disciple: Electric Tide fixed so you can no longer tab to an invisible gadget
- Gravekeeper: Zombie Apocalypse's zombies no longer have Boss Immunity
* This means they can be taken control of, Transmuted, and pushed around by abilities now
- Puppet Master: Puppet Show is no longer a Debuff, meaning it can no longer be dispelled
- Silhouette: Death Lotus orbiting projectiles now have much better server performance when there are many (many) in a single game