Friday, February 25, 2011

2.0.16 Patch Notes - Legendary Valkyrie

2.0.16 Patch Notes

We will not be patching next week due to GDC.

Version 2.0.16
- Added a new Gold Collection Alternate Avatar: Legendary Valkyrie
* She will be available for 14 days before being removed from the shop

- New Legion Intelligence Hero: Aluna
- Myrmidon and Glacius have defected to the Hellbourne

Aluna - Hero spotlight

Upcoming Hero Preview: Aluna

The powers of a modern day Latina superhero will come to life in Newerth this Friday as our newest hero is unleashed!

Beautiful and spirited, Aluna carries within her the essence of Earth itself -- the old Earth, long since lost to the decay of ages. Endowed with its might, and carrying the power of the moon in a mystical emerald, Aluna strikes at her daemonic foes with deadly speed. Thanks to her skill in battle, she has already become a celebrity among the heroes of Newerth.

Aluna is inspired by the life of a beautiful and spirited actress. Curious who our new Latina superstar is? Stay tuned to our HoN Facebook page for daily updates!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Version - Realingment patch

- Fixed a derp that made tooltips not work at all

Version 2.0.14
== Store Currency Update ==

- There are now Gold and Silver Goblin Coins in the Store
* Gold coins come from purchasing coins in the Store and on the website, while you receive Silver coins from matchmaking. Everyone has had their current stash of coins converted to Gold coins based on how many coins they have purchased thus far. If you have purchased 2000 coins and you have 2100 coins, you will now have 2000 Gold Coins and 100 Silver Coins. Similarly, if you purchased 2000 coins and currently have 500 coins, you will now have 500 Gold Coins.
- When purchasing items, your Silver coins will always be used first, then it will dip into your Gold coins. There is a coin breakdown showing how many of each type of coin will be used before you confirm your purchase.
* Past items and their prices remain the same

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Version - Still no balance realignment

This is not the big "balance realignment" patch we talked about in the news letter.

- Fixed stringtable failure

- Fixes a cursor issue
- Added the missing Account Icons

Version 2.0.13
- New Monitor game feature
* Right click a friend or clanmate who is ingame to Monitor them, getting basic stats that update every minute

- Casual Mode changes
* Decreased creep bounty to normalized Normal Mode values, down from 1.25x
* Hero bounties to 2x of Normal Mode values, up from 1.5x
* These changes are aimed at addressing the dominance of carries by reducing creep farming rate and increasing the gap between killer and victim so early game power is more significant

- Added a new Alt Avatar for Soul Reaper, the Grim Reaper
- There are now keybinds in the options menu to level up each of your skills
* Default bound to ALT+Z, ALT+X, ALT+C, ALT+V, and ALT+O for abilities and stats
- Fixed a bug where mousing over the minimap would sometimes turn the cursor into a targeting cursor
- Fixed bugs with many of the models in the game. Results in a small performance increase

- Predasaurs no longer have evasion, now have additional Armor (same effective HP against attacks)
- Vagabond Assassins will no longer automatically purge nearby players
- Sporespitters no longer has +15 free damage per attack
- Antlore Healers will no longer heal themselves

- Empath
* Range on Illusory Veil changed to 800

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Version 2.0.11 Patch notes - Empath released

2.0.11 Changelog:

- Added a new Intelligence hero: Empath
* Empath has an alternate avatar, The Mage Empath
- Towers have had their damage normalized to have no damage range, dealing the average value at all times.

- Barracks, when they die, will award the killing team 100 gold for each player. The last hitter gets no bonus.
* In Casual Mode, this gives 150 gold to each player.

- Added cast-range indicator support
*When casting an AoE spell, the AoE will be colored green if you are targeting within range of your hero, yellow if you are out of range, or red if you are trying to target an invalid location. *When casting a direct target spell, the cursor will turn yellow if the target is outside of your range. Green and red still represent ally or enemy casts.

- Gauntlet can now double-activate Grapple and it will go in the direction he is facing and pull the target to right in front of himself.

- Debuffs that are flagged for giving assists will now award an assist if they were actively on a target within 20 seconds of it dying.
*Non-damaging abilities such as Voodoo Jester's Acid Cocktail will gives assists correctly now

- Beardulon has been renamed to Booboo (Boo Boo is back!)

- Fixed Swiftblade's Stringtables

- Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow players to change their vote after voting

- Fixed the scoreboard sometimes showing incorrect info when a player is terminated

- Added new account icons, including 8-Bit Heroes by the community's Aviseras