Saturday, February 12, 2011

Version - Still no balance realignment

This is not the big "balance realignment" patch we talked about in the news letter.

- Fixed stringtable failure

- Fixes a cursor issue
- Added the missing Account Icons

Version 2.0.13
- New Monitor game feature
* Right click a friend or clanmate who is ingame to Monitor them, getting basic stats that update every minute

- Casual Mode changes
* Decreased creep bounty to normalized Normal Mode values, down from 1.25x
* Hero bounties to 2x of Normal Mode values, up from 1.5x
* These changes are aimed at addressing the dominance of carries by reducing creep farming rate and increasing the gap between killer and victim so early game power is more significant

- Added a new Alt Avatar for Soul Reaper, the Grim Reaper
- There are now keybinds in the options menu to level up each of your skills
* Default bound to ALT+Z, ALT+X, ALT+C, ALT+V, and ALT+O for abilities and stats
- Fixed a bug where mousing over the minimap would sometimes turn the cursor into a targeting cursor
- Fixed bugs with many of the models in the game. Results in a small performance increase

- Predasaurs no longer have evasion, now have additional Armor (same effective HP against attacks)
- Vagabond Assassins will no longer automatically purge nearby players
- Sporespitters no longer has +15 free damage per attack
- Antlore Healers will no longer heal themselves

- Empath
* Range on Illusory Veil changed to 800

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