Monday, April 5, 2010

Fear the Chiprel - New hero, Updated with skills

The next hero to be released and an original S2 hero although he looks a lot like techies or tinker. He is going to be released this week

S2Idejder :

So yes, we plan to put in a new hero this week (if something horrible doesn't happen like earthquake, flood, the Rapture, or our programmers falling asleep by accident) and we might get a test patch up soonish depending on a few internal factors.

But until then, you can scratch your head and go "What is this I don't even..." at how we incorporated this into a legion int new S2 hero:


 The chipper skill descriptions :

Skill 1 - Rocket Barrage
Fires a small rocket in any direction. Rocket will ministun and deal damage to first target it hits. Does not hit neutrals or inorganic targets.

Range: 3000
Type: Magic
Mana cost: 50/65/80/95
Damage: 105/130/155/180
Rocket impact causes a 0.1 sec ministun.
Uses a charge-based system (similar to Panda's flurry or Slither's wards).
Maximum of 3 charges.
Recharge time is 4 seconds.
Rocket now does half damage if Chipper is within 175 units of an impact.

Skill 2 - Tar toss
Chipper heaves a spoonful of special tar at a target location. Any enemies hit are slowed. The amount they are slowed depends on how close they are to the center of impact.

Range: 600
Radius: 300
Mana cost: 50/65/80/95
Cool down: 25/20/15/10
Duration: 5 seconds across all levels.

The closer the enemy is to the center of impact, the more they are slowed.
Maximum movement slow is 20/40/60/80%
Maximum attack speed slow is 10/20/30/40%
A cool popup will show if you land a 90%+ snare on someone. MAX!

Hitting someone with a rocket while covered in Tar will cause them to burn for 20,30,40,50 Magic damage per second for the rest of the debuff.

Skill 3 - Focus Buffer
Provides a barrier to protect allies from magic damage.

Range: 800
Type: Magic
Manacost: 50
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Duration: 20 seconds
Reduces all Magic damage dealt to the buffed target by 11,14,17,20%
Damage reduced is reflected back in a 600 AOE, divided equally among all enemy heroes

Ultimate - Sawblade Showdown
Chipper summons other chiprels from underground to push spinning sawblades out of the ground.

Uses Vector Targeting.
Type: Magic
Range: 700
Manacost: 140/180/220
Duration 8 seconds
Cooldown: 60/45/30 seconds
Deals 100/200/300 initial damage plus 75/125/175 damage per second.

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