Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Version 0.3.1 - Last patch before open beta

The Patch is out, its mostly bug fixes with only one hero tweak. Only thing special is that this is the last patch before Hon Open beta starts tomorrow.
Version 0.3.1


- Fixed disassembled items losing owner information, thus not letting them combine with other items
- Fixed a crash when selecting a chest containing a token of life or cheese
- Fixed unable to purchase from the shop while dead
- Reconnect window will no longer show if game is over (conceded) and you leave
- Show disconnect button in interface as soon as there is a winner (i.e. when a concede vote passes)

- Updated French stringtables
- Fixed downloading backwards compatibility archives after using the 0.3.0 installer
- Fixed issues with out of sync backwards compatibility archives
- Fixed a crash when starting old version replays
- Reset playback speed when closing a replay
- Updated how the "Automatic" create game functionality works
* Previously it used the first server it recieved a valid response back from. Now it grabs a server only from the region last selected


- Fix Team/All chat switching on phase changes during hero slection (Yes, this was just as annoying to us)
- Player Stats screen now has a dropdown box to show Ranked Stats and normal play stats, which are now seperate
- Added functionality to the UI option "Disable All Notifications" that turns off all popup notifications, but still records notifications to the history.
- Added new option "Disable Notifications In Game" that turns off popup notifications in game, but still fires them when not in a game.
- Added a "Remove All Notifications" button to the bottom of the notification history, clears out all notifications when used
- Fixed buddy invites so when a user ignores or accepts the other persons friendship, the original buddy request notification in their history is removed
- Added space to buddy/clan/notification count to allow for counts 3 digits in length
- Fixed "Disband Game" confirmation popping up for players who clicked "Disconnect" in their game and were not the host
* Added a "Disconnect from Game" confirmation instead for players who are in the game and not currently hosts when they click "Disconnect"
- Added SMR/TMR listing in a player's stats
- Fixed a problem where users could become silenced for excessively long times
* So for example a user types /silence "name" 9999999999, and they end up getting silenced in the channel for over a month. Now, /silence name 999999999 will silence them for a month, but if /silence name 1 is used afterwards, they will only be silenced for 1 minute.
- Added Russian back to lang selector
- Fixed EM % in stats page rounding correctly


- Fixed leavers able to join matchmaking
- Players who try to join matchmaking with no region selected will now be given an error and told to select a region
- Fixed server not reading the proper rating value for matchmaking
* Caused -1 rating and players always gaining/losing 20 points no matter what
- Added better feedback and information for when someone fails to load and how long the game will wait before disbanding


- Added Exclusive mode for OS X
- Fixed a memory leak that was crashing OS X client
- Mac mods should now be installed to /Users//Library/Application Support/Heroes of Newerth
- Linux mods should now be installed to ~/.Heroes of Newerth


- Slight tweak to how the 'mummy grab' works to fix a control issue

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