Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy HoNidays! Tons of awesome stuff available now!

It's a very special time of year and that calls for some very special stuff from us here at S2 Games. The list below contains some special thank you's from the team to our players PLUS a few special offers that simply can't be missed!

  • To start, everything in the store will be 25% off Gold and Silver coins until December 27th at midnight! Huzzah! (Excludes sub-accounts, stat resets, and nickname changes)
  • Legacy players get another exclusive benefit! There's a FREE symbol in the store waiting for players with Legacy accounts but only until December 27th at midnight. Thanks again for your support!
  • Jollywood and Christmas Keeper are available once more until December 27th at midnight and they are FREE! Go pick them up and show your Christmas spirit before they're gone!
  • Ho ho ho! Santa Midas is now available for purchase in the store. Go pick him up and enjoy throwing presents and reindeer at your foes! Yes, we're serious. Thank community member Veldt for this amazing alt avatar! Only available until December 30th!
  • There's a new symbol called Silver Lord. You can only buy it with silver coins so it's great way to show your friends how awesome you are at HoN! It'll be available from now on in the store!
  • Need some more coins for all the awesome stuff? It's time for a double silver coin week! From now until December 31st at midnight, players will earn double coins from Matchmaking games. Let's get it on!
  • We also have a very special offer for all of our free-to-play players. From right now until December 27th at midnight EST, we're offering a package deal with EVERY hero in the game for only $10. Don't miss this amazing offer! (Excludes EA heroes)

Don't forget! Player Santa is still up and running until January 2nd! Whenever you buy an item with gold coins, you're able to gift a copy of that item to a friend for free! Get in that giving mood! (Excludes sub-accounts, stat resets, and nickname changes)

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