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BardUI++v1.32 - Bard User Interface Mod Collection

BardUI++v1.32 (Compatible with HoN v2.*)

  • Disable BardUI++ SelfUI to show the default SelfUI panel or set it to Hidden to hide both.  
  • The purple bar is your current experience. When you click that it will close, click it again to open it (will be saved between matches).
  • The extra button when the panel is opened is the Fast Share button (aka Monkey Button), clicking this will share the courier with your whole team, click again to un-share with your whole team.
  • The Fast Share button will always be on the SelfUI if SelfUI is enabled (highest priority). If you hide the SelfUI it will be shown on the UnitUI portrait.
  • Movable and scalable.


  • Clicking on the panel will select your ally, clicking on the panel while targeting an item or skill works. As well as dropping an item on the panel, this gives the item to your ally.
  • Clicking on the skills will close the skills, click again to open them (will be saved between matches).
  • Clicking on the small handout on the right side of the panel will open the Side Panel. The tooltips should provide enough information of what these do. The Add Friend button is hidden when somebody is already your friend.
  • Each panel is individually movable.



Side Panel

Clock (Match Stats)

  • K = Kills, D = Deaths, A = Assists
  • Creep = Creep Kills / Creep Denies
  • Match Time & Time of Day
  • Kills: L = Legion total, H = Hellbourne total
  • Rune: Time left before the rune spawns.
  • Enabling the Day / Night Timer will replace it with the default Rune Timer.
  • Disable BardUI++ Clock to show the default Clock Panel
  • Movable
Clock with Hellbourne's Base HP bar + label

Clock with Day / Night Bar & Timer enabled

  • 'Menu' button opens the Game Menu (F10). Shift + Right click this button to go directly to BardUI++ options.
  • All buttons have tooltips which should provide enough information of what they do.
  • The green column states the amount of kills for that player (the header for this column shows the total amount of kills)
  • The red column states the amount of deaths for that player (the header for this column shows the total amount of deaths)
  • The orange column states the amount of assist for that player (the header for this column shows the amount of towers left for that team)
  • Shift+Click on Hero Icon on your own team = Vote Kick that player.
  • Shift+Click on Player Name on anybody = Quick Ban that player. This will let you write a reason why you are banning this player.
  • Shift+Right Click on Player Name on anybody = Auto Quick Ban that player.
  • Toggle Scoreboard hotkey switches between Large & Small
  • Option to add extra information (Level, Hero, KDA, time of ban, and MatchID) to the reason.
  • Option to send a message to everybody saying that you just banned a player.
  • Option to also ignore the same player that you banned (prevents chat messages in game to be seen from this player).
  • Disable BardUI++ Scoreboard to show the default scoreboard.

  • Disable BardUI++ Minimap to show the default minimap.
  • Disable the "Team Colors" button will get rid of the green/red circle in the top right corner (this button toggles the hero model colors between team based (green/red) and player based.
  • Movable and scalable.

Minimap with a tiny border. (building icons are not shown on the minimap because this screenshot was taking during a replay)

  • Disable BardUI++ UnitUI to show the default UnitUI
  • Clicking on your level (bottom left of the portrait) will toggle the Ability Queue System (default hotkey is L)
  • The yellow border around your gold means that you're able to shop (if its not yellow, the items you buy will go into your stash).
  • Ctrl+Right-Click to swap an item to your stash (only when near the base shop).
  • Ctrl+Shift+Right-Click to sell an item (can be done from anywhere).
  • You can also buyback by shift + left clicking your gold (the tooltip shows the buyback amount).
  • You can target skills and items on your portrait.
  • Most of the options speak for itself
  • Options that affects your inventory also affects your Stash.
  • When disabling the 3D portrait it will only show the unit's icon.
  • The Fast Share button will automatically be toggled on if you hide the SelfUI (and the death timer and buyback button will also show up on your UnitUI). When you disable the UnitUI there will be an movable Fast Share button.
  • The pH and mH values are Physical Effective HP and Magical Effective HP. These values are calculated from your current HP and your physical and magical armor values.
  • The UnitUI and your Inventory are individually movable. Stats will always be aligned left of your UnitUI.
Ability Queue System
The first number is the amount of free skill points you have, if this is higher then 0 it will have an orange border and a glowing effect.
The other buttons are LevelUp buttons for your stats and the rest of your skills.

The panel will automatically hide if you have no free skill points, so to queue abilities you need to toggle it.
This can be done by either clicking on your level at bottom left of the portrait or using the default hotkey which is L.
When you toggle the Ability Queue System and you have no free skill points to spend, clicking on the LevelUp buttons will queue you abilities.
Right clicking an ability will add a persistent skill block (this is indicated by an orange border) which will stay there until the skill has been maxed.
Clicking a skill block in the queue above the LevelUp buttons will remove it from the queue.

See one of the screenshots for an example, in this example you will max your ultimate first, then your first, then your second, then your third skill and as last your stats, this way you have all your abilities and stats queued up with only 5 skill blocks. This is possible because if a persistent skill block cannot be leveled up when you get another skill point, it will look at the next one until one is found that can be leveled up.

Stats open and Ability Queue System open

Stats closed, but Ability Queue System open

Stats open, but Ability Queue System closed and skills & HP/MP bars swapped (and the HP/MP values have the new text outline)

Command Panel
  • Disable the BardUI++ Command Panel to show the default Command Panel
  • Movable
Commands enabled

Move/Attack/Stop/Hold Commands disabled, taunt disabled

  • Disable BardUI++ TargetUI to show the default TargetUI
  • When using the option 'keep the TargetUI open after you lost sight of your target' will show a green or red border around your target's name. Green means you have vision of it and will be updated. Red means you have lost sight of your target and will not be updated anymore. When disabled the border will have the default color.
  • Setting up a hotkey is not required but then you can't clear/hide the TargetUI once you have selected something. When setting up a hotkey that other mods use as well will likely break their functionality.
  • Green portrait border = ally, Red portrait border = enemy, White portrait border = neutral. When selecting a hero it will have it's player color.
  • Most of the other options speak for itself
  • Movable
TargetUI when selecting an ally creep

TargetUI when selecting an enemy building

TargetUI when selecting a hero The red border means that the window isn't updating anymore because you have lost sight of this unit.


  • Disable BardUI++ MultiSelect UI to show the default MultiSelect UI
  • White border = neutral
  • Yellow border = ally
  • Red border = enemy
  • Green border = controllable unit (except for neutrals its still white)
  • Yellow glow + yellow border = currently active controllable unit
  • Use tab to cycle through your selection
  • Right click or Shift + Click an icon to deselect that unit
  • Click an icon to control that unit
  • Movable

  • Disable BardUI++ Stash to show the default Stash
  • Inherits the same options you use for your inventory (configured at UnitUI settings)
  • Click an auto combined item to disassemble it.
  • Ctrl+Right-Click to swap the item to your inventory (only when near the base shop).
  • Ctrl+Shift+Right-Click to sell an item (can be done from anywhere).
  • Movable

  • Disable BardUI++ Chat to show the default Chat
  • Movable and re-sizable
Chat History (Z)

TeamChat (Enter)

AllChat (Shift+Enter)

Attack Modifiers New in v1.30!

  • Disable BardUI++ Attack Modifiers to show the default Attack Modifiers
  • To select an Attack Modifier you can click on its icons, or by using one of the cycling hotkeys (default , and .)
  • When mousing over an icon it will show what it does in a tooltip, this can disabled in the options.
  • Padding is the amount of pixels the Attack Modifiers are apart from each other
  • The Orientation defines in what way the Attack Modifiers are aligned.
  • Movable and scalable.
Attack Modifiers

Attack Modifiers showing a tooltip and with a padding of 1 pixel

Vertical Attack Modifiers

Respawn, Rune and Custom Announcers

  • Disable Respawn Announcer to not display the local message.
  • Disable Rune Announcer to not display the local message.
  • Disable "Announce seconds before the rune is spawned" to display the message at spawn time, instead of x seconds before. Same for Custom Announcer.

Respawn Announcer

Rune Announcer

Custom Announcer

Miss Buttons

  • Button padding is the amount of pixels the buttons are apart from each other
  • The Orientation defines in what way the buttons are aligned.
  • 'Button x label' is the text that's visible on the button
  • 'Button x left' is the text that will be send to team chat when clicked with the left mouse button.
  • 'Button x right' is the text that will be send to team chat when clicked with the right mouse button.
  • A total of 10 buttons are configurable.
  • Both left & right click functions can be bound to a hotkey.
  • Disabling a button will hide it from the group.
  • Movable and scalable.

Miss Buttons (default)

My Custom Miss Buttons

Buff Bars

  • Green = Buff (dispellable)
  • Blue = Buff or Debuff but not dispellable
  • Red = Debuff (dispellable)
  • Has time + Bright color = Normal Buff or Debuff
  • No time + Dull color = Aura
  • Bar padding is the amount of pixels the buttons are apart from each other
  • Buff bar stacking direction sets in what way the bars stack on top of each other. Upwards means they start at the bottom and end at the top. Vice versa for Downwards.
  • Disable Buff Bars to hide them.
  • Movable and re-sizable.

VoIP Sliders

  • Bar padding is the amount of pixels the buttons are apart from each other
  • Disable VoIP Sliders to hide them
  • Movable and re-sizable.
VoIP Sliders

  • You can disable health and mana bar gloss on SelfUI, TeamUI, UnitUI and TargetUI.
  • You can choose between an outline or a shadow on health and mana text values on SelfUI, TeamUI, UnitUI and TargetUI.
  • You can enable health and mana bar draining effect on SelfUI, TeamUI, UnitUI and TargetUI.
  • Disable BardUI++ tooltips to hide them.
  • Disable Original KillBoard to hide it.
  • Original KillBoard is movable
Show Original KillBoard

Show BardUI++ tooltips

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