Friday, November 12, 2010

Version 1.0.18

Version 1.0.18

== General / Bugfixes ==

- Tutorial re-voiced by MsPudding~
- Removed Halloween effects
- Fixed some water effect problems with Rampage
- Fixed Nighthound's attackscheme when he is in cloud so it functions correctly.
- Corrected Valkyrie's Javelin speed from 837 to 857.14
- Andromeda's Void Rip will now disjoint her as well as her target on use
- Bubbles' Take Cover will now properly trigger from invulnerable sources of damage
- Bubbles' Kelp Field will now properly stun invulnerable units that move out of the radius (Magmus Lava Surge, for example)
- Bugfix for Ophelia's Judgment so it unbinds the target when they are teleported
- Ophelia's Judgment can no longer be cast on allied lane creeps
- Fixed an old bug with Ophelia that lets her perma-block a neutral creep spawn with illusions
- Wildsoul Bear's Root will now correctly last 9 seconds on non-hero units
- Witch Slayer's Power Drain will now instantly kill illusions on use
- Fixed Bombardier's Boom Dust so it is correctly blocked by Null Stone
- Correctly unbind the targets of Nymphora's Teleport
- Nymphora's Teleport now picks the closest targets to her, not random ones
- Puppetmaster's Puppet Show now silences as well (This is a bugfix for weird situations it can cause)
- Pharaoh's Soul will again reveal around itself while in flight properly
- Pharaoh's Wrath of the Pharaoh is now a Superior Magic instead of Superior Physical touch to fix some issues. No gameplay change.
- Bugfix for Kraken's Charge warping people around
- Thunderbringer's Bolt's reveal is now clearvision
- Fix for Pestilence's Swarm so you can't lose vision on someone in odd situations
- Fixed Dark Lady's Dark Blades so they silence Bubbles correctly when he has Autocast on
- Tundra's Coeurl now has the correct backswing (from 800 to 1000)
- Fixed Tempest's Glacial Blasts from doing 2x damage on the first blast
- Fixed Forsaken Archer's Skeletons so they won't stand around like dorks if she is attacking from max range
- Fixed some effects from playing through the fog

== Items ==

- Added Courier sounds and some effects
- Mana Potion, Health Potion, Wards, and Runes of the Blight now lose ownership when dropped from a courier death
* This means that if you kill an enemy Courier that is carrying wards, you can now use those wards as if you bought them

Ring of Sorcery
- Recipe lowered from 525 to 200

- They now lose charges if you are within 600 units of a visible enemy hero at the same rate they gained them. You begin to gain the charges back as soon as you run away from the enemy.

== Heroes ==

- Fire Shield cast range from 350 to 450

- Buff Quills projectile flight speed from 900 to 2700

- Boom Dust cast range reduced from 700 to 600
- Air Strike's delay lowered to almost nothing
- Pick sound corrected

Blood Hunter
- Blood Crazy from unremovable debuff to removable on enemies, debuff is a "buff" on allies

- When you hit someone who is Tar'd with a Rocket, it will put a stacking DoT on them for each Rocket that hits
* DoT does 15/20/25/30 Magic Damage per second charge

Flint Beastwood
- Flare DoT to smooth damage over the 2 seconds instead of 2 ticks

- Terifying Charge cooldown from 30 static to 30/26/22/18

- Tsunami Charge touch radius from 60 to 80
- Splash cooldown from 8 secs to 11/10/9/8 seconds, damage type changed from magic to physical

Sand Wraith
- Any valid enemy target hit by the initial sand projectile will leave a sand trail behind them!

Voodoo Jester
- Manacost on Mojo from 95/105/115/125 to 110/120/130/140 

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