Friday, February 3, 2012

2.5.9 Patch Notes - Berseker

Version 2.5.9
- Free Hero Pool has been updated. The list is as follows:
* Magebane
* Dark Lady
* Moon Queen
* Nomad
* Wildsoul
* Dampeer

* Revenant
* Ophelia
* Vindicator
* Glacius
* Geomancer
* Parasite

* Accursed
* Cthulhuphant
* Gauntlet

- Added new Early Access Hero: Berzerker
- Added new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Chaos Berzerker

- Added Pollywog Priest Alt Avatar: Classic Pollywog Priest
- Added new Alt Courier: Panda Courier

- Fixed a bug introduced in patch 2.5.6 that caused a significant drop in FPS for some players. The game should now run a lot smoother for the users affected by this. We apologize for this issue and thank the community members for providing their feedback on tracking down this issue.

- Fixed Rhapsody's Alt Avatar model
- Fixed Portal Key so it can properly blink into Engineer's Electric Field again
- Fixed Dampeer's Alt so his model changes when he gets sheeped
- Fixed Flux so he can't push or pull allies that have selected the "No Help" option
- Fixed Dark Lady's Alt Avatar animations
- Fixed Gemini's Movespeed tooltip not updating sometimes
- Fixed up Pharaoh's Alt Avatar sounds and animations
- Fixed Arachna's Spiderling so it follows invulnerable units properly
- Fixed a minor tooltip glitch with Succubus Smitten
- Fixed Gravekeeper's Defiling Touch so that it will only eat up 1 corpse if he is standing on a pile of corpses
- Fixed Tremble's Terrorform so it properly is showing charges
- Fixed Shudder's Terrorform tooltip to be more accurate
- Fixed Shudder's Terrorform so its mana cost scales the same as Tremble's

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