Friday, January 27, 2012

HoN Hero Spotlight: Berzerker

When news of the war in Newerth reached the Berzerker, he hastily left his frozen homeland in the North. Though he holds no allegiance to the Legion, the chance to face hell's demons is one the Berzerker could not pass up. An incredible warrior with an indomitable will, the Berzerker's reckless disregard for his own life gives him strength and power seemingly beyond measure, albeit at a risk. Once he has steeled himself, only death will stop him from killing his foes.

Berzerker is a melee strength hero who excels at chasing down a single enemy while shrugging off any attempts to hinder his forward progression. The Berzerker feeds off of the presence of his enemies in battle, making him a terrifying opponent to face!

Abilities Teaser:

Chain Spike

Strength Sap

Mark for Death


Look forward to seeing Berzerker in the hero spotlight coming soon!

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