Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RAP 2.0

Hello everyone!

Over the course of the past few months we felt the need improve the Report-A-Player system as it was not allowing us to achieve what was needed. The amount of reports sent in daily over the past two weeks alone was, on average, 2267. Out of 2267 reports submitted, GMs were able to successfully judge about 50% of those tickets. Of those 50% of tickets that were judged, over 50% were non-guilty tickets, meaning they should have never been submitted in the first place. After watching and analyzing the ticket trends over months we noticed that it follows a similar pattern.

This leads us to believe that over half of all the tickets being submitted to the RAP system are innocent players. With such a high volume of tickets that need not be judged, a lot of time was being wasted that could have been spent on legitimate tickets. The high volume of tickets is not something we can just throw more GMs at, it was a problem with execution and delivery, not the volunteers.

With RAP 2.0 we have redesigned the interface to provide you a clear and more precise layout to aid you in pinpointing the offense that took place, along with a time the event occurred. Along with a new design, we needed a way to decrease the amount of bad tickets submitted, for this we instituted a basic deposit system.

Each ticket submitted will require a 15 silver coin deposit, which will be 100% refunded back to you if the reported player is found guilty or your ticket has not been judged within 7 days. If the player you report is found innocent, you will not receive your deposit back and you will be given an infraction point. If you acquire 3 infraction points in a row you will suspended from using the RAP system for 3 months. With the 15 silver coin deposit, the amount of transparency will greatly increase; you will know if the RAP report you submitted caused that player to be suspended or not.

Emails will also be sent out to you when the case is judged, allowing you to improve your RAP reports in the future based on the case judgement. With this extra transparency, we ask that each you please respect everyone else. If you are found to be discussing bans or insulting/instigating players about their suspensions, you will be dealt with harshly; this is a zero-tolerance issue.

Just to recap key points and for you TL;DR folks:
  • New RAP interface
  • 15 silver coin deposit for new report
    • 100% refund if the player gets suspended
  • Increased transparency
  • New email status notifications going out

We hope that you understand why the changes needed to be made and that in doing so, we can be more efficient at cleaning up the community. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to voice them in the RAP Feedback forum.

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for your time.

We are aware of the bug that involves reports not showing all the players, we'll get that working right quick! All matches will still be reportable when this gets fixed.

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