Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2.3.0 Patch Notes

NOTE: You must disable all of your mods, as there are several that break the game this patch.
NOTE2: We are working on bringing back up Matchmaking. There was a chat server crash.

Version 2.3.0
The DreamHack Patch
- Good luck to all of the players and teams participating at DreamHack Winter!
- These notes include the changes from 2.2.9

- The current Free Heroes were changed on Friday, Nov 18. The current available list is as follows:
* NOTE: This week's rotation was hand picked by MsPudding
* Chronos
* Forsaken Archer
* Soulstealer
* Wildsoul
* Fayde

* Bubbles
* Pollywog Priest
* Empath
* Doctor Repulsor
* Parasite
* Chipper

* Drunken Master
* Legionnaire
* Pharaoh

- HoN TV is now Live!
* You can open HoN TV from the bottom right corner of the new Message of the Day screen or the icon in the upper left corner
* HoN TV lets you watch video in the client seamlessly. You can watch while in the Matchmaking queue, for example!
* HoNCast Live Stream, HoNCast Video Archives, S2Games YouTube Channel, and some User Streams are all available to watch at any time
* AngryTestie and h4nn1 are the initial two people you can watch from the ingame client. More will be added as time goes on!
* Make sure to use HoN TV to tune into DreamHack Winter this week!
* HoN TV currently only supports Windows. We will be adding support for other operating systems in the future

- Report-A-Player interface redone
* Results of the report are now more transparent
* Players now required to deposit a few silver coins to submit a RAP report to improve the quality and validity of reports being submitted
* If the reported players gets punished you receive your deposit back
* If the player is found innocent you will not receive your deposit back
* More information can be found on the forums

- The Test++ mod has been added for practice mode
* This replaces the normal "Test" menu
* Credit to Quzzap for maintaining the mod

- New Message of the Day screen
* Now includes a button to HoN TV and a Competitive Section

- Newerth is no longer Haunted

- Interface rendering improvements in DirectX
- Minor optimizations to all interface rendering
- "Hell", "damn", and "bastard" have been removed from the filter list
- Fixed the UITriggerList console command
- The water near Kongor has been fixed
- The teleporters on Grimm's Crossing now properly unbind and disjoint you
- Various Tooltip fixes
- The Chatserver has been updated for HoN TV
* You must patch up to 2.3.0 to connect to it again

- Added a new Announcer: BreakyCPK Pack
* Make every game a shoutcasted game!
* Will be available to purchase on the 29th

== Heroes ==

- Added a new Early Access Hero: Lord Salforis
* Based on the Dream hero Necromancer created by Passthechips
* Named after the Name-A-Hero contest winner Salforis
- Added a new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Dreadknight Salforis

- Added a new Nymphora Alt Avatar: Spriticus
* Voiced by the great Jesse Cox of OMFG (One Moderately Funny Gamer)
* His YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/OMFGcata

- Added a new Zephyr Alt Avatar: Turkey Zephyr
* Will be available to purchase on the 22nd

- Added a new Corrupted Disciple Alt Avatar: Steampunk Disciple
* Voiced by the magical TotalBiscuit
* His YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TotalHalibut
* Will be available to purchase on the 25th

- Monarch is no longer Early Access, but cannot be used in Tournament Mode yet
- Mandromeda now has better effects for his first ability
- Dreadknight Salforis now plays the proper custom sounds when using the Alt Avatar

== Bugfixes ==

- Brought back "Keg Away!" cast sound

Forsaken Archer
- Fixed Piercing Arrows so that they deal the proper damage if the illusion dies
* Before the fix, they dealt 0 damage if they were in flight after the illusion died

- Fixed his Grapple so it unbinds targets if it touches a valid unit
- Fixed his ultimate from hitting units behind him

- Fixed the wolves' attackrange to properly be 128
- Fixed typo in his first ability

- Now can't tab to gadgets from Pitfall and Call to Arms
- Brought back Chariot sound without it being played to enemies

- Fixed a bug with him being unselectable

- Fixed his alt avatar Stampede projectiles so they don't pierce through invulnerability anymore

- Fixed a bug where dispelling the visual state did not dispel the damage from Mortification
- Fixed a bug where the dark-ghost transparent effects attached to the target did not disappear when the visual state gets dispelled

- Fixed Detonate so that the level progression tooltips displays properly

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