Friday, September 2, 2011

Version 2.1.7

Version 2.1.7
- The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is:
* Dr Repulsor
* Magebane
* Scout
* Valkyrie
* Corrupted Disciple
* War Beast
* Pharaoh
* Balphagore
* Revenant
* Thunderbringer
* Gauntlet
* Wretched Hag
* Demented Shaman
* Ophelia
* Plague Rider

- When purchasing Heroes, you can now bundle the available Alt Avatars for that hero and receive a discount on buying them all together
* In order to bundle, you must check the box in the Purchase Confirmation Screen after clicking to Purchase the hero
- Tagged a lot of gagets as un-selectable
* Many abilities in the game would create gadgets for only a few seconds and you could tab to them while they were alive. We fixed this for the vast majority of instances

- Added a new Alt Avatar: Mist Runner Scout
- Added a new Premium Alt Courier: Nyan Cat Courier

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