Friday, August 26, 2011

Version 2.1.6

Version 2.1.6
- The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is:
* Forsaken Archer
* Arachna
* Soul Reaper
* Maliken
* Madman
* Legionnaire
* Amun-Ra
* Tundra
* Pyromancer
* Deadwood
* Slither
* Bubbles
* Glacius
* Jeraziah
* Keeper of the Forest

- Matchmaking groups are now persistent
* After a match or when a game fails to be made you will still be in the same group you were in before for easy requeueing
- Made some adjustments to the matchmaking algorithm that should match up groups with other groups much closer to their MMR value than before
- Groups of 5 solo players will no longer be matched against a full group of 5 under any circumstances
- Made several improvements to decrease the chances of players failing to load into a matchmaking games, especially for matchmaking groups with multiple players on one IP address that are behind overly strict routers/firewalls (causing grey circles)
- Adjusted how the PSR/MMR calculations work slightly and put a low end cap of 750 PSR/MMR
* Any players who are below this value will have their PSR/MMR adjusted up to 750 after the patch

- Over the weekend we plan to turn on and test a new feature we've been working on: match stat re-submissions
* If at any time a game server is unable to submit match stats properly at the end of the game, it will let players in game know that the match submission failed, and attempt to re-submit the stats from that match at a later time (normally within 15-30 minutes)
* To those that have experienced frustration due to matches not being recorded in the past, we apologize. Moving forward we are taking serious action to mitigate this sort of occurrence from happening and want to thank everybody for their patience with us

- When receiving an incoming whisper coming from ClanWhisper or BuddyWhisper the game client will no longer add the sender to the /reply history
* This is to stop players from having a conversation, getting a clan or buddy whisper, typing /r and then realizing they sent the message to a person they didn't intend to
- Fixed a crash with an unexpected format for JPEG custom account icons

- Fixed projectiles stopping mid-air if the touch active schemes were invalid
- Buildings in the bases now have 0 death time so they don't block movement after death
- Current Health and Mana Regen are now shown on the right side of the bars
- Touched up all of the Taunt voice responses in the game to be more clear and able to be heard well

- Wards
* Attacks will always hit wards now, no more uphill miss chance against them
* Now have 4 max health, each hit takes off 1 health

- Added a New EA Hero: Geomancer
* Based off the Intelligence Community Contest Winner
- Added a new Early Access Limited Edition Alt Avatar: Centipedalisk
- Added a new Alt Avatar: Sub Zero Accursed
- Added a new Taunt: Heavy Metal Taunt

- Monkey King fixed so auto leveling his abilities through a Guide will work properly

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