Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Version 1.0.11 changelog

Version 1.0.11
== Report Abusive Behavior ==

- Form fixed
- Griefing category added (please be sure to describe the situation carefully before submitting)

== Hero Resource Unloading ==

- Mainly some memory management optimizations. If you frequently crash after playing multiple games in a row, this should help
- Please report any issues or crashes on the forums

== General ==

- Player Controlled minions are now deniable
- Improved chat server stability
- Fixed an issue where players were able to invite other players to their clan even if the targetted player was already in a clan
- Game lobby now displays more stats about players when you hover over the stats button next to their character portrait
- Fixed an exploit where players could set d_drawAreaAffectors to true, and they could see the effect of Madman's stalk in action while he was invisible. This cvar will only work on practice games or replays from now on
- Fixed drag selection of flying units (Tundra Bird or Courier). Trying to select the bird should no longer cause epic levels of rage.
- Spectators (and players in replays) can now view the shop
- Fixed shop error messages not showing up when shopping from the main shop panel
- Fixed spectator gold/min inaccuracies when players sell items
- Little fix for the tiny icons in spectator mode

Note: The fog-pathing change did not make it into this patch due to a major server stability issue involved with it.

== Items ==

Blood Chalice
- Cooldown increased from 25 to 35

== Heroes ==

- Fixed a bug with Spine Burst doing too much damage

- Agi Steal from Curse of Ages removed

- Fixed a bug that made heroes unbind from projectiles well after he Hooked them

- Range of Keg lowered from 1000 to 800

- Infoheight changed so the healthbar isn't on her face
- Grace of the Nymph now also increases the target's Movespeed by 25/50/75/100
- Zeal range lowered from 1200 to 900
- Speed of the Zeal projectile lowered from 1100 to 1000

Sand Wraith
- Fixed Desert's Curse to follow correctly

- Glyph of Silence can now silence people in the fog again
* This is a temp bugfix to when someone won't get silenced even if you can see them
* It is possible it will be changed back to vision-limited once the code bug is fixed

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