Monday, July 19, 2010

What S2 Is Working On - 7/19

It has been a while since I've created a thread about what we're working on. I figured I would give a much needed update

  •   Match Making with Teams: This system will replace the current match making. It will allow players to enter solo or as team sizes of 2-5 and match players of similar skill (and similar team size) together. The key to this system is the increased use MM should see due to the fact that friends can now use the automated system to play together. We have already done internal testing and continue to tweak and bug fix before we get a beta version out there.
  •   Map Editor / SDK: We are putting an entire new UI on the Map Editor as well as cleaning up a few bugs and adding a couple features. This has been underway a while. We have no dates available, but it is being worked on and is definitely a higher priority for us.
  •   Alternate Hero Avatars: Have you wondered what some of our concept art was for? It is for a feature we will be releasing soon that allows you to play your favorite heroes using a slightly altered hero model & texture. More details regarding this will be released once we have some other things taken care of.
  •   Pathfinding: We have 2 issues that we are currently attempting to resolve - (1) Getting stuck on buildings as you path around them and (2) multi controlling units and allowing the faster unit to properly path to the front and not constantly bump the slower units.
  • New Heroes: We always have new heroes underway. We plan to constantly add new heroes to the game

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