Saturday, July 3, 2010


- Gladiator voice

Version 1.0.6
- Improved pathfinding most noticeable during the laning phase.
- Some effects tweaks to heroes to clean things up
- Some tooltip fixes
- Added note about AudaciousSam's Blood Chalice to the 1.0.5 patch notes

Vulture Lord
- Removed armor aura

- Recipe price from 825 to 1000
- No longer reduces cooldown if hit by a spell while in cooldown

- Damage increased by 2
* This means any item that uses a Steamstaff in some way was increased accordingly

- Fixed Curse of Ages level 2/3/4, it will now properly stun and reset charges
- Curse of Ages now counts "down" in charges rather than up, always stunning when no charges are left

- Fix to make sure when gauntlet activates Infernal Instability while the glove is in midair it works properly after it's return and can still go off

- Ally-freeze through Ice Imprisonment damage reduction from 20/40/60/80 to 20/30/40/50%

- Fixed Showdown so it does not teleport magic immune units
- Fixed Flagellation going on cooldown correctly when you attack gadgets

- Fixed the instant death bug

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