Saturday, January 9, 2010

No Patch today, Test Client getting updated with REPLAYS

Yes you read the correctly. Due to some issues and other things we are not going to be patching the beta client today. I know you are all disappointed, but look on the bright side...

We are going to patch fully functional replays into the test client.

Yes, Replays are done.

So to sum it up, this test client after a patch today will contain:
Balance Patch full notes
Matchmaking Test

Come join us in IRC or in the test forum for more information!


To those of you unfamiliar with the pre-beta test client, it's a special client that updates and installs separately from the regular beta client. When we have content that we know is going to require some more thorough testing, we put it through the test client to get the obvious bugs/issues out of the way (in addition to feedback on experimental balance changes). Some people like to ask "what's the point of the main beta test, then?" The second client really doesn't diminish the value or meaning of the primary beta test. Rather than put out a patch/update to the beta client that we know will have some glaring issues, we run it through this secondary process first. This actually helps the main beta test by not slowing it down with potentially game-breaking issues (our test patches on the pre-beta client receive minimal testing and often we'll patch multiple days in a row as we work on it, a process which would be quite troublesome if attempted on the main beta client).

To participate in the pre-beta test client games, you'll need to participate in our IRC channel. This is open to anyone who wants to join. Our IRC information is:
ports: 6667
channel: #hon

Once you're in, you can use /nick to change your name.

We'll be posting the link to the pre-beta test client in the topic of that channel, as well as information as to where to contribute feedback and discuss the patches.

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