Thursday, January 7, 2010

0.1.63 Teaser... Devourer and Slither!!

By Idejder: 
A teaser for you guys to entice you to get the beta beta client for tomorrow so we can test Matchmaking and more Balance changes!

See the [previous post] for more details!!

- Hook range is now the same across all levels (1100)
- Hook now returns to the devourer if he moves or blinks (Think Maliken's Sword)
- Hook can now only drag a unit a max of 1440 units

- Attack Range increased by 50
- Anyone under the effects of the Toxicity have health regen disabled (40,60,80,100% health regen reduction)
* Runes of the Blight changed to "healing" so that the Toxicity does not disable them
- Poison Spray increased cast and effect range by 200, radius stays the same
- Toxin Wards can now be laid in a 'burst' style with a long cooldown. (Think Panda's Flurry but with laying 3 wards in a short time)
- Wards now have collision and slow poison (10%) again
- Poison Burst is now un-removable
- Now gains 3 seconds of clearvision around himself when using Poison Burst

This does not mean that players who participate in the beta beta can leak. If you leak you will be removed.

But I can.

Because I say so.

To see the rest, get on IRC and check out the test client!

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