Thursday, January 28, 2010

0.1.66 Patch is Live

Please un-install all mods when you patch, as we changed a huge number of the interface files.

The Chat Server will be going down when we patch. You will not be able to connect to it until after you patch to this version.

Sig Version:

- Fixed the F6 bug

Version 0.1.66

- Banning Pick
* 3 bans per team, done by captains. Then alternates everyone picking their own heroes out of the remaining choices.
* 60s total extra time is given per team. Time is subtracted from your extra time when the normal countdown has reached 0. If the extra time reaches 0, a random choice is made.

- Attack abilities (Webbed Shot) and attack toggles (Harkon's Blade) now override attack modifiers (Frostwolf, etc)
- Building invulnerability now provides 9999 Magic Armor as well as the Physical Armor
- When a player buys back, it now uses the following calculation: Cost = 100 + Level * Level * 1.5 + GameTimeInMinutes * 15
- If you make any illusions/images (as with the rune or Geometer's) while having Steamboots they will no longer have less health
- Kongor has Treewalking naturally now. Kongor is not stopped by trees.
- Certain abilities were hitting runes that should not have
- Couriers will no longer aggro creeps, even when standing still
- Now the new neutrals vary their walk and idles, instead of acting in sync
- Fixed tooltip status effect information sometime being incorrect
- Fix combat type tooltip when multi-selecting units
- Fix so all forms of 'sheep' cancel an invibility spell if it's still in the fade time
- Fix for bottling a powerup twice in a single frame

- Bajillidan spelling corrections +1
- New game tips
- Fix cooldowns on spectator tooltips
- Updated french stringtables, thanks to Magissia
- Credit card purchasing now works ingame if you have not pre-purchased already

- Implemented 2 mods into the game
* Added a button to the top left hero picture that will share a courier with your whole team in a single click. Thread 69704 by Barter
* Clicking the Game Hint box while loading the game will display another random tip. Thread 71071 by Ignorance


- Nullstone loses 5 seconds of cooldown time anytime an ability would be blocked but Nullstone is still in cooldown
- Can now disassemble Hellflower
- Frostwolf now using % based attackspeed slow instead of negative attack speed for stronger scaling late game
- Puzzlebox changed to 2 initial stock with 9 max stock, 10 minute respawn on each charge
- Ring of Sorcery will now only hit units with mana
- Fixed the sound stacking on Plated Greaves

- The following auras can now be toggled on and off
* Mock of Brilliance's damage aura


- The following auras can now be toggled on and off
* Soul Reaper's Withering Presence
* Magebane's Master of the Mantra
* Kraken's Tidal Pull
* Soulstealer's Dread
- Tweaks to Maliken, Pharaoh, Magmus, Legionnaire, and Ophelia animations

- Magic Armor reduction lowered to -1,-2,-3,-4 from -2,-3,-4,-5

Blood Hunter
- Blood Crazy is now just an unremovable debuff
- Proportions changed slightly

- Time Leap now also does 50,100,150,200 Magic damage on impact
- Rewind reworked
* When damaged, Chronos has a 10,15,20,25% chance to heal back the damage at a rate of up to 25% of his maximum health per second
- Time Freeze renamed to Curse of Ages
* Steals 1/2/3/4 Agility per hit, debuff lasts 10 seconds. Each debuff is individually timed
* Four consecutive hits on the same target will lock that target in time (stun) for 1 second
* While someone is stunned by Curse of Ages, Chronos can not build charges towards another stun or steal any agility
* Does not stack with Brutalizer
* No longer propagates to illusions
- Chronosphere
* Allies can now move and cast while inside, but everything they do is reduced by 90% speed (MS, AS, CS)
* With Staff of the Master, the slow is reduced from 90% to 80%

Corrupted Disciple
- Fixed Overload so it applies -1 armor on the first impact

- Voice
- Base armor lowered to 1.24 from 4.24
- Int gain lowered to 1.5 from 1.9
- Rotten Grasp range changed to 1300 from 1500
- Slow from throwing a log now decreases linearly
- Fixed a bug when log was purged. It now takes away all the charges on the ability as well
- Trees killed by Clearcutting now have a cool new death
- Fixed an issue with Willowmaker preventing knocked down heroes from standing back up automatically

Demented Shaman
- Attack Range to 550 from 600
- Storm Cloud now applies a charge instantly when used

- Slow from Decay now lasts an additional 2 seconds after someone leaves the area

- Static Grip
* No longer does AOE damage but now deals 20,40,60,80 Magic damage per second to the primary target
* When Static Grip ends on a unit, its idle animations now play instead of it being frozen
- Electric Shield
* Shield now has a 12,24,36,48 Magic DPS 300 aura around the electrician while on
* Requires 20% mana to activate
- Energy Absorption
* Instant cast time
* Now does 85,165,225,300 magic damage and Electrician gains 50 Movespeed as long as he hits something with it
* No longer giving armor or magic armor
* Still gives mana at the same rate
- Cleansing Shock
* Cooldown lowered to 14,12,10
* Deals 600 Magic damage to enemy summoned units
* Cast time lowered to 100ms (from 300)
* Now Staff of the Master compatible. Chains to 2 additional targets
* If the target is a hero, it will only bounce to other heroes of the same faction
* If the target is a non-hero, it will bounce to the closest units (heroes or non-heroes) of the same faction

- Tinker now also passively lowers the base attack time of the Turret by 15,20,25,30%
- Tinker now increases the damage of the Turret correctly

Forsaken Archer
- Base strength lowered to 17 from 18
- Strength growth lowered to 1.7 from 1.9
- Skeletons now have 20 health at all levels
- Skeletons do not propagate to illusions

- Chain count lowered to 0,1,2,3 from 1,2,3,4

- Protective Charm duration set to 5,8,11,14 seconds from 5,10,15,20
- Righteous Strike's slow duration set to 2,3,4,5 seconds from 5 at all levels

Keeper of the Forest
- If an enemy hero comes within a 300 radius of Keeper's Eyes, the eye will be made visible to that hero's team
- Camouflage now plays the spell visual effect on the correct target now when cast on allies
- Root effects now play even if he is stealthed when casting
- Can now turn while immobilized by Root

- Stalk's slow debuff is now only applied to Madman if he fails to do damage to enemy heroes for the duration. If Stalk is canceled prematurely (via attacking or using an ability), the slow debuff will also not be applied

- Base strength lowered to 16 from 20

- Voice

Night Hound
- Can no longer attack allied units when he stands in his Smoke Bomb
- Can no longer pounce on Couriers

- Grace of the Nymph can now only be cast on ally units with mana

- Manacost of Flick increased to 85 from 65
- Tightened up damage range to 48-57 from 45-60

- Finally fixed him randomly getting stuck in his mummies. Pharaohs rejoice!

Plague Rider
- Cursed Shield will no longer apply the slow to melee heroes who cast spells on whoever has the shield on them
- Cursed Shield cooldown increased to 10 from 5

Pollywog Priest
- Movement speed increased to 290 from 285

- Base strength lowered to 18 from 19
- Agi gain lowered to 1.5 from 1.7
- Int gain increased to 3.1 from 2.9
- AOE of Whiplash lowered to 150 from 200

- Leveling Fervor now also grants all of your abilities and attacks the power to put a burning fire DoT on anyone hit
* Every time you hit someone with a spell or attack them, it refreshes the duration of the DoT and adds a charge. 1,2,3,4 Magic damage per second per charge, 3 second duration

Sand Wraith
- Desert's Curse's slow will no longer go through magic immunity
- Lowered the duration of the movespeed and treewalking buff if off of a Desert's Curse path to 3 seconds (from 4)

- Detonate will now refresh the cooldown when you lay a new eye
- Nullstone will now properly block Marksman Shot

- Catman Leader and Vagabond Leader can no longer be transfigured

- Javelin of Light sound radius lowered so enemies you throw it at won't hear it unless they are close
- Valkyrie's Prism cooldown to 120 from 160
- Valkyrie's Prism manacost to 100,150,200 from 200,250,300

- Mojo Mana cost decreased to 95,105,115,125 from 105,115,125,145
- Mojo cooldown decreased by 4 seconds at all levels

Witch Slayer
- Drain can now only target units that have mana

- Base int lowered to 15 from 19
- Int gain lowered to 1.8 from 1.9
- Leap removed, replaced with Gust
* Manacost is 120 at all levels
* Target a position and click/drag the mouse in a any direction to release the gust of wind from the point you click in the direction the mouse is dragged
* Enemies in the cone are pushed in the direction specified, stunned for 1 second and dealt 75,125,175,250 Magic damage
- Cyclones reworked
* No longer has a cool down
* No longer restores mana
* Manacost removed
* When a cyclone expires naturally, it automatically heals Zephyr for 15 health
* On use, consumes one cyclone instantly, healing for 30 health
* When consuming, automatically consumes the oldest cyclone first
- Wind Shield
* Now a passive and will now apply its buff to Zephyr for 3 seconds after a successful attack
* Chance on both evasion and redirection lowered to 6,9,12,15%
* Grants Zephyr 10% movement speed while active
- Wind Control renamed to Typhoon
* Cool down is now 100 seconds (from 120)
* Mana cost stays the same (100, 150, 200)
* 500 unit cast range
* Grants clearvision and kills trees in a 600 radius of the target location
* Summons a Typhoon at the target location for 6,8,10 seconds
* Typhoon itself has a 60 unit radius in the center and a winds radius of 550 units.
* Slows enemies based on distance from the center (99% slow at the center [100 movespeed], 0% at the outer edge of effect)
* Deals damage based on distance from the center. Up to 60,90,120 Magic damage per second with a linear dropoff. Max damage done if standing in the center.
* When cast, the maximum number of cyclones are spawned around Zephyr (based on the level of Cyclones)

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