Saturday, December 5, 2009

Triple stacking of neutral creeps guide

Here is a video guide for triple stacking neutral creep camps in the Legion forest, and  how to double stack Hellbourne forest neutral creeps. Legionnaire is used for the tutorial, but i think its better to use Ophelia or Wildsoul because any unit can do the creep pulling. Wildsoul places his bear (boycoting the new name, Booboo 4ever :D ) in the forest for warding and pulling, Ophelia takes 1 lvl of Command finds a good creep and does the same thing as seen in tutorial while laning. This can be hard to pull off for the less skilled players but can be done with ease with unit group commands. Select a unit CTRL + 1 makes that unit the selected unit when you press 1, select the hero CTRL + 2 makes the hero hotkey 2. You can double press the 1 or 2 hotkeys to switch the camera view to that unit and use shift commands for your creep stacking unit, then press the hero hotkey and return to your hero. This can be risky since having no control of your hero for those 4-5 seconds it takes to pull can expose you to enemy heroes and kill you. You can also press F1 to select only your hero but I think its easier to press 1 since its above Q than F1, also all those grouop hotkeys can be customized in options.

Here is the video

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