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12/6 Update on What is S2 working on

Here is the newest update of What is S2 working on now, I can only tell you its a good one. Read on and find out.

I wanted to throw out another update of things we're currently working on:

Match Making!
Many of you are aware that the initial testing and development of our match making system is already well underway. We're making good progress, and are excited to share the details of how this functions later. For now we're testing solo-match making, but once that is complete and functional we'll be able to pretty quickly introduce arranged team-style match making, as well as potentially a team finder tool so that groups of 2 or 3 can more easily find other groups of 2 and participate in the 5v5 match making system.

Matchmaking is a great idea in general but really hard one to pull off. Usually matchmaking takes to long is not matching you against similar skilled opponents and etc. I would really like to see a matchmaking system that works great, and i hope that this will be that great matchmaking system. Just imagine setting up a clan war every day in few minutes. Well lets first see that solo matchmaking system then we can speculate how good or bad will be a 5v5 matchmaking system

We are finalizing the last pieces of our replay system which will make replays fully backwards compatible from version to version. We are very close on this and can not wait to get replays in your hands! You Tube, here comes the attack of HoN Fan Videos!!!

I was waiting and I am still waiting for replays for over 20 patches. Every time there is a new patch i rush to read the change log only to be dissapoined when there is nothing replay related there. When a fully functiong replay system comes out i already see what will happen, like Maliken said Youtube attack. I can already see hundreds of heavy metal in background Hon videos.  Noobs will finally be able to see the proper way of playing from competitive replays. Pro players can enjoy well those pro replays.

Deadwood Hero
He is almost done and will roundout our initial Open Beta & Retail Launch hero line up. We have plans to consistently add heroes through out HoN's life cycle. It is very important that everyone understands we will not rest at 60 at all. I can not stress this enough!!!

Well speculation is over, its official Deadwood is in fact a hero. Also open beta is coming I cant wait to see many of my friends try out the game. Important statement is the S2-s plan to consistently add heroes, i think they will slow down from now on, but good to hear that good old Jakiro, Magnus, Pit lord and other not so important heroes ( I am joking ) are eventualy get their ports.

Automated Tournament System
This is still a work in progress, and to those who didn't catch our last update on this, it's a system that allows users to create tournaments on the website and seamlessly integrates into our other systems, notifying players of upcoming games, automatically submitting match results, and automatically updating the brackets. Participating in competitive HoN and organizing competitive events will be a breeze!

Once the ground work for the Tournament System is in place, we'll have most of what we need to very quickly get our League system operational, with a similar level of integration and support. As previously announced, we plan on having a $10,000 initial beta tournament for this upon completion (with more details down the road).

This is just EPIC, by far best thing that can happen to a future competitive E-sport game. If this system delivers as little as 10% of what S2 is saying it will ill be happy as a Madman on crack. Also I think that its easier to implement a system like this than a matchmaking system so this cant fail. With a bit of graphics and stats this will be the very thing that will destroy other similar games. Once this is done there will be a $10,000 beta tournament, greatest thing ever.

Preparing for Open Beta & Retail Launch
The title says it all. We are really close

Not much to say about this one

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