Friday, December 4, 2009

Hon Videos

Here are few videos I found:

1.Cool new Heroes of Newerth trailer recorded with a cam at Dreamhack Winter 2009. I really like the way they introduced the heroes and the music is great too, Enjoy.

2. Here is something really funny, a song named Pub stomping super stars. Listen to the words, he speaks the truth.
Song by: HunteR_
Video by: Nigma

3.Here is a video from X-fire competition. This is actually my favorite, only video from this competition winning 5 videos where you can see some skills, both in Hon and video editing. Congrats too all the winners.

Here are the other X-fire competion videos: - The true manipulation power of Puppet Master - Kongor One Shot - Meet the Scout - Pharaoh Sniper

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