Friday, December 4, 2009

Hon gameplay improvements

Heroes of Newerth is a new game based on a popular Dota ( Defense of the ancients) mode for Warcraft 3. Heroes of Newerth is being developed by S2 Games, a studio best known for its Savage series. S2 Games is taking all the aspects of Dota that made it so popular and is also adding some new features to the well established formula made by IceFrog. Hon is currently in closed beta and available for pre-purchase for only 30 $.

Here is a list of gameplay improvements of Hon over Dota :

Matchmaking System
Get matched with similar players if you are playing yourself or with a team of friends.

This feature has not yet been implemented, but its going to have solo as well as 5v5 matchmaking. Matchmaking is based on PSR (pub skill rating). Currently you can auto-balance players in your game to create more even sided games.

Stat Tracking
Many statistics are tracked automatically by the game. Access an enourmous amount of valuable data online or in-game.

S2 has implemented a system in which you can see any players: Psr, amount of kills/deaths/assists, KDR (kill death ratio), leave percentage, creep kills and denies, exp per minute and some other stats...

Diverse Heroes
Play with heroes new to HoN as well as many of the best heroes you are already familiar with.

Currently Hon has 59 heroes few unique, some have theirs skills tweaked and/or have new skills and many are just ported well known dota heroes.

Ladder Rankings
Player and clan ladders are automatically updated by the game. See where you rank against the competition.

Not much more to say about this.

Custom Map Editor
Create new maps, or even new games with the included map editor.

Has not yet been implemented to the game, but an S2 developer has said this for all the map editor questions: " Can the map editor...?, Yes it can." So when the map editor gets released, we will soon see some custom mods from Dota like: Pudge wars, ElementTD and many other popular mods.

Built in VOIP
No need for an external voice chat program. Voice chat is incorporated into the HoN engine.

With Hon you don't need Skype, Ventrilo or any other voip software to communicate in-game. Hon has 2 Hot-keys for this purpose: T - talks to your entire team and Y - talk to your lane mate only. It can be used to talk in the lobby before the game starts but it cant be used to talk to buddies outside of the game. Hotkeys for this can be changed

Game Reconnection
Games are no longer ruined when a player is disconnected! Players that are disconnected, can rejoin the game.

When you get disconnected or rage-quit you get 5 minutes to rejoin a game you left. its possible to restart your pc and rejoin the game. Coolest thing ever for Dota veterans.

Leaver Protection
Create and play in restricted games that can not be joined by players with a history of leaving games early.

You can create no leaver games. This means that anyone who leaves more than 8% of its games cant join in your game.

Client-Server Netcode
No lag for all players when one player has a connection issue!
This also prevents hacking, No more map hackers.

You don't host games, instead games are hosted on a server. Server hosting prevents hacking and Map hack is impossible in Hon. You can choose on which server your game is going to be hosted and there are servers from all around the world (EU, DE, JAP, NL, US)

Re-Bindable Hotkeys
Bind custom hotkeys for almost every command in the game, allowing you to maximize your effectiveness.

All skills in hon are by default on Q W E R, items are by default on alt + Q W E A S D and all hotkeys can be changed to whatever you like.

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