Friday, March 16, 2012

Version 2.5.15 - Gunblade the Hell Ranger

Version 2.5.15
- Free Hero Pool has been updated. The list is as follows:
* Valkyrie
* Sand Wraith
* Shadowblade
* Master of Arms
* Soulstealer

* Defiler
* Pollywog Priest
* Thunderbringer
* Vindicator
* Hellbringer

* Accursed
* Armadon
* Drunken Master
* Keeper of the Forest
* Pebbles

- Added new Early Access Hero: Gunblade
- Added new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Warmonger Gunblade

- Added new Taunt: Chiprel Taunt

- Changes to Forests of Caldavar:
* The rightmost Hellbourne creep camp can no longer be pulled into the lane
* The cliffs between the second and third Legion Towers are now blocked correctly

- Ward of Revelation now displays the area of revelation while placing

- Gladius Beardicus' Call To Arms now has more visual feedback and impact
- Hydraxis auto-attack animations and effects have been updated with alternating projectiles
- Classic Pollywog Priest animation sounds are now old school Classic Pollywog Priest sounds
- Queen Bee Monarch's textures have been optimized for low resolution settings
- Damage from Pe-King Duck's Vault has been moderated

- Fixed Mandromeda's portrait
- Fixed Conquest Maliken's Possession to make the armor linger correctly
- Fixed Logger Legionnaire's spin after 11 charges to show the correct model
- Fixed Amun-Ra's Ashes to Ashes to add charges when taking damage from invulnerable units
- Fixed Predator's Terror to give allied heroes in range an attack speed buff

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