Friday, March 2, 2012

2.5.13 Patch Notes - Kinesis

Version 2.5.13
- To celebrate the 100th hero, all the Free Hero Pool has 98 non-EA heroes unlocked.
* After the weekend, the Free Hero Pool will be:
* Monkey King
* Emerald Warden
* Nomad
* Blood Hunter
* Forsaken Archer
* Andromeda

* Defiler
* Myrmidon
* Torturer
* Martyr
* Monarch

* Rampage
* Legionnaire
* Pestilence
* Magmus

- Added new Early Access Hero: Kinesis
- Added new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Zeta Kinesis

- Added new Voodoo Jester Alt Avatar: Voodoo Raptor
* Created by community member Strider
* Voodoo Raptor will be given out to everyone who plays a game on March 2nd if S2 loses 15 games during the S2 vs. The Community event and then made purchasable next week

- Berzerker is no longer Early Access and is now available to all Legacy players

- Grave Locket: Correctly gets a charge if you kill someone with a pet

- Draconis: Fixed passive effects from playing while sheeped
- Drunken Master: Drunk charges gained from a kill now correctly buff Stagger
- Fayde: Fixed her Alt Avatar getting Clearvision correctly
- Gemini: Fire split form movespeed tooltip fixed
- Geomancer: Fixed his Alt Avatar to show up in the store correctly for Free players
- Lord Salforis: Fixed passive effects from playing while sheeped
- Parasite: Can no longer use Infest while inside of a unit. This correctly fixes a bug where you cannot see the cooldown and the cooldown reset incorrectly sometimes

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