Friday, January 20, 2012

Version 2.5.7 - New hero Gravekeeper

- Free Hero Pool has been updated. The current list is as follows:
* Forsaken Archer
* Arachna
* Slither
* The Madman

* Soul Reaper
* Pyromancer
* Bubbles
* Glacius

* Maliken
* Legionnaire
* Amun-Ra
* Tundra
* Deadwood
* Jeraziah
* Keeper of the Forest

- Significant optimizations have been made to the UI. Most of these are aimed at memory usage and memory management, improving performance, and stability.
* These changes reflect dramatic improvements to the core framework of the game client, resulting in a streamlined end-user experience and reducing the hardware requirements necessary to Get It HoN!
* Memory usage has been dramatically reduced to help alleviate hardware limitations for players both new and old
* All Mods should be disabled once the game has been patched, as they will not reflect optimizations made to the client and will need to be updated

- Fixed a reconnection overwrite issue that caused players disconnected from a game to lose the ability to reconnect to the server if logged into another account
- Fixed MMR reward issues where players were given more MMR than they should have been when a teammate disconnects from the game
- Fixed time waited calculations to reflect when a group is placed back into queue
- Increased the size of Fist of Sol Taunt and added splatter effects based on community feedback
- Increased the size of Dumpster Taunt and added a new effect - Dumpstered!

- Added new Early Access Hero: Gravekeeper
- Added new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Shinigami Gravekeeper

- Added new Fayde Alt Avatar: Gypsy Fayde

- Phoenix Ra's Path of Destruction animation has been modified to boost visual feedback of the skill

- Fire and Ice is now interrupted if either dog gets stunned or silenced while channeling
* Gemini is undergoing extensive balance changes which will be revealed and implemented as the hero undergoes substantial testing in the coming weeks

Gravekeeper EA skin:


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