Friday, January 13, 2012

2.5.6 Patch Notes - Phoenix Ra

Version 2.5.6
- The current Free Heroes were changed. The current available list is as follows:
* Corrupted Disciple
* Moon Queen
* Hammerstorm
* Predator
* Night Hound
* Kraken
* Balphagore
* Behemoth
* Witch Slayer
* Chipper
* Slither
* Bombardier
* Demented Shaman
* Empath
* Voodoo Jester

- Groups with less than 1150 MMR should have an easier time finding a match now
- If a matchmaking game ends prematurely (whether due to an early remake or a player fails to connect) any groups who were in the match should now be able to re-queue and leave off at their previous wait time
* A message will be broadcast notifying the group when they have been re-placed into the queue
- Made a few changes to how point gain/losses are adjusted for team mates if there is a leaver on the team, it's now a bit more lenient in terms of what conditions must be true in order for the team with the disconnected player(s) to receive an adjustment
- Made some adjustments to match fidelity slider, selecting "Fairer Matches" should now do a bit better job at finding other groups close to the skill range of the group that selected this option
- The UI should now remember the match fidelity slider setting selected when creating a group and entering the queue
- Greatly improved how the game client re-connects to game servers
* Players should no longer have to type "Reconnect" on the console or re-login manually as the client will automatically try to reconnect to the game server. Players can still reconnect by re-logging or typing reconnect, but they will no longer have to do this, they can simply wait for the reconnect dialogue to display

- Gold gained from creeps and neutrals now normalizes over time
* An example: Two heroes farm a lane for 20 minutes getting equal creep kills. Before, their gold values would have differed greatly. Now, they will have nearly equal amounts of gold.

- Added a new Amun-Ra Alt Avatar: Phoenix Ra

Phoenix Ra Screenshot:

Concept Art:


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