Friday, August 19, 2011

2.1.4 Patch Notes

The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is:
* Soulstealer
* Silhouette
* Defiler
* Gladiator
* Tremble
* Devourer
* Pestilence
* Magmus
* Blacksmith
* Pebbles
* Rampage
* Pollywog Priest
* Nymphora
* Andromeda
* Vindicator

- Fixed a duplicate bug with Guides
- Ingame levelup effects now delayed slightly
- Added spectator chat ignore checkbox in the Spec UI
- Updated minimalist options for spec UI

- Healing radius of the Wells increased to better match the actual water
- Tree of Life and Sacrifical Shrine now have truesight

== NPCs ==

- Fixed sound bug with the bad range(warlocks) NPCS death sound not playing.
- Added death sounds to the good range(archers).
- Kongor
* Fixed the faction, non-player-controlled units giving the team 0 gold when they land the killing blow from Kongor.
* Now if a non-player controlled unit lands the killing blow on Kongor, then it gives 230 gold to the team (before it was giving 0)

== Items ==

- Re-ordered components for all recipe items so the most expensive items come first. This makes right clicking on an item in the store more useful and less dumb

- All teams now start with a basic Ground Courier by default
- Bottle is no longer refilled when held by a Courier
- Shieldbreaker: Increased damage by 10 per level from 30/45/60 to 40/55/70 and ignore's the target's Deflection when you attack them
* Deflection is the damage blocked by items like Helm of the Black Legion and Iron Shield
- Alchemist Bones' timer is now paused while the hero is dead

== Heroes ==

- Added a new Alt Avatar: Frost Rider

- Movespeed from 290 to 295

Dark Lady
- Dark Blades cooldown from 22/18/14/10 to 16/14/12/10
- Charging Strikes cooldown from 21/17/13/9 to 15/13/11/9

Drunken Master
- Drink rescaled to channel for 2 seconds, gaining 2/4/6/8 charges per second. Upon enemy death in 500 AoE, he gains 2/4/6/8 charges
- Stagger deals 50% more damage to creeps

- Infernal Instability now gives 50% mana back if you do not attack anything.

Keeper of the Forest
- Treant Dogs are now limited to 2/3/4/5 max. If you summon more than the max the oldest ones will automatically die
- Treant Dogs can no longer attack Towers if they are more than 800 units away from the Keeper
- Fixed scripting to be better

- Master of Mantra aura increased from 600 to 800

Monkey King
- Starting Stength increased by 2
- Flying Nimbus activation removed. Is now a full passive with a 5 second cooldown that will automatically trigger when not taking damage

== Bugfixes ==

- Fixed Aurora affector speed & lifetime so it matches the visuals

- Fixed his Bloodthirst aura so it stacks with Harkon's Blade, Webbed Shot and Master's Incantation

- Fixed a bug where she can super deny allies & herself

Demented Shaman
- Fixed scripting so Unbreakable is more robust against odd frame situations (healing 2 times in 1 frame, etc.)

Doctor Repulsor
- Fixed Opposite Charges so it plays the link
- Optimized Magnetic Contraption a bit
- Fixed Portal Key exploit

Drunken Master
- Fixed the double-activate bug on Lunge where it can deal 2x the push and 2x the damage
- Fixed Lunge bug where it was teleporting Drunken Master to (0,0)
- Fixed Lunge bug when you play animations after dead (again)
- Fixed Lunge's push affecting invulnerable units
- Fixed Untouchable's "HIC!" sound not playing at the correct times on levels 1 & 2

Emerald Warden
- Fixed a small visual bug where the large vine model was lingering too long at lower levels of Overgrowth
- Fixed Gawain using Diving Strikes when he's dead
- Fixed a super-duper rare bug where he gets glitched after respawn when Gawain attempts to use Forest's Touch on the same frame he dies

- Now doesn't follow her last queued action after she gets out of someone
- Fixed a visual bug where the wall visual was expiring 1 second before the real wall expired
- Fixed Essence Link so it does DOT damage now

- Passing through the Energy Field will now automatically break channelling if it hits you
- Made Spider Mines have 0 cast time

- Made Whirling Blade proc on fountain attacks
- Fixed a small animation bug where he would still be in charging animation if the skill cancels via the distance check

- Fixed an issue with Eruption's idle animation and the effects

- Made More Axes blockable via Arcane Shield and Untouchable

- Weed field now breaks Succubus' Mesmerize
- Fixed a bug where Carp would stun you if you were rooted or immobilized and had a movement order queued up

- Fixed him teleporting to the target's location if the target dies before the Infest projectile impacts
- Fixed the Parasite- Gauntlet ult bug

- Fixed a small spawn location bug with his Wrath of the Pharaoh if he turns 90 degrees; it now spawns in the correct position relative to Pharaoh & the target

- Fixed a bug where the DoT from Disco Inferno wasn't being applied if an enemy was stunned inside

Sand Wraith
- Fixed his passive AOE triggering Nomad's ultimate and canceling Succubus' Mesmerize

- Fixed a small issue with Poison Spray target cursor not highlighting the correct targets

Wretched Hag
- Fixed an extremely rare bug with Bat Blast's cone visual

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