Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Patch Preview with MSI and OK exhibition match!

The upcoming patch this Friday, July 29 has some awesome new content that we have been working on and polishing for weeks. Together with BreakyCPK and Honcast, we've set up an exhibition match with Fnatic.MSI (MSI) and Online Kingdom (OK) on our Release Canidate client.

On Thursday there will be an awesome showmatch involving these two teams. By tuning in, you'll get an early preview of our revamped SpecUI, with awesome new features such as more charts and less clutter. This match will also showcase two of the upcoming heroes - Drunken Master and Monkey King.

You can expect to see all of this:

Monkey King

Drunken Master

A new Announcer

A revamped Spectator/Replay interface

So tell your friends to make sure to tune into HoNcast Thursday for the MSI and OK exhibition match showing off the new content!

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