Wednesday, July 13, 2011

IGN giveaway

Join the IGN Prime HoN Take-Over! Become an IGN Prime member today for FREE. You’ll get Leprechaun Blacksmith, 200 Gold & 200 Silver Goblin Coins, HoN training videos from the S2 dev team, and access to IGN Prime-only tournaments with $1,000’s worth of prizes.

Quick Tutorial to get the stuff free of charge:

1. Go here
2. Click start free trial
3. IGN Prime 30 day free trial
4. Create IGN account
5. Choose Paypal as payment method (make an account if you don't already have one, you don't need any money in the account)
6. Complete the appropriate Paypal information, then when you're back on the IGN website, click the button that just appeared. This is what you should get.
7. You'll get your promo code at
8. Enter promo code on
9. Now, go back to IGN prime. Login on
10. Go to
11. Click on the big "Turn auto-renew OFF" button
12. Click on the really small "Continue with cancellation" link at the bottom

You're done! With no payment required.

You can also create a new paypal account with no money on it and register with it to be extra safe.

Enjoy your new avatar and free coins.


  1. And how do you create Pyapal account without credit card number?

  2. Only Emerald Warden alt avatar, no Leprechaunt BS?

  3. how do you create Paypal account without credit card number?

  4. Wow, I believe the agreement was: "...You’ll get Leprechaun Blacksmith, 200 Gold & 200 Silver Goblin Coins..." I got no leprechaun!??? This is heresy! Anyway my HoN username is Marlfoxx, so fix this please.

  5. How do I register if I'm a 50yearold volleyball player from Estonia who treats his ballsack with Botox to stay hip and urban?