Friday, June 17, 2011

2.0.36 Patch Notes


Version 2.0.36
- Added a new hero: Parasite

- Added a new Alt Avatar: Mutant Parasite

- You can no longer touch things (teleporters, items, etc.) while stunned
- Updated some User Interface files with fixes to speed and reliability
- Fixed a bug with stats not displaying for people in a Clan
- Fixed Neutral Creeps in Caldavar stacking 3 times instead of 2
- Fixed a bug with Alchemist Bones' timer when it was dropped on the ground
- Fixed Barrier Idol's and Chipper's ability to properly absorb Superior Magic damage
- Fixed a bug with Keeper of the Forest's invisibility
- Fixed a bug with Silhouette's timers
- Fixed a bug with Corrupted Disciple's drain that made it last forever

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