Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Version 2.0.28

Version 2.0.28
Tournament rules changes
- Pauses can last for 10 minutes
- Enemy team can't unpause for 90 seconds
- Only one vote is required to pause

- Alchemist's Bones now gain charges even when not on a hero
- Fixed a server crash
- Rolled back the last of the April Fools stuff (Vindicator ult and "lets get it on")
- Nullfire Blade blue effects now play on the illusion even if they take no mana
- Fixed the Legionnaire double-stuffed Charge bug

== Heroes ==

- Added new Strength hero: Flux
- Added new Alt Avatar: Vigilante Vindicator
- Added new Alt Avatar: Steam Flux
- Added 4 new account icons

- Fixed people he knocks over standing up correctly

* Fixes illusion & Silhouette herself gains more blades if she levels up her Death Lotus while she has her illusion out
- Made her Death Lotus spin animation play on the illusion when she activates Death Lotus
- Made her Death Lotus kunai not respawn with her if the skill is still on cooldown when she actually respawns
- Made Death Lotus kunai vanish on illusion when the main Silhouette dies.
* Fixes an issue with illusion receiving more than 4 kunai at once
- Fixed illusion so it doesn't die if you have it out and you level Death Lotus from level 0 to level 1
- Related to the above point, fixed the illusion so it will properly gain a level of Death Lotus from level 0 to 1 if you learn it with the illusion out.
- Fixed upgrading Death Lotus when she's dead from level 0 to level 1 from giving an extra blade to the illusion if it is out.
- Made upgrading Death Lotus not spawn extra kunai on Silhouette and/or illusion if the skill is on cooldown while you upgrade it.
- Made upgrading Death Lotus while dead not alter the number of kunai on the illusion if the illusion is still alive when Silhouette is dead
- Fixed Shadow swap from killing her illusion if she has 0 points in Death Lotus
- Added a visual timer to Shadow so people can see how much time is left on the illusion without actually selecting the illusion __________________

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