Thursday, March 17, 2011

Version 2.0.18 and Version 2.0.19 Patch Changelogs

Version 2.0.19
- Added Rainbow Rampage
* Unicorn Rampage was the Community Alt Avatar Contest Winner. We have heard your suggestions and have made an alternate version of the alternate avatar: enter Rainbow Rampage. With more color and more effects, we hope this is what the community was looking for.
* All players who purchased Unicorn Rampage will have Rainbow Rampage added to their account
* Moving forward, you will be able to purchase either Unicorn Rampage or Rainbow Rampage from the Goblin Store

- Added Heart Japan Account Icon
* With 10% of the revenue from the double coin promotion going to the Red Cross for Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts, we have added the Heart Japan account icon to the Store for people to be able to show their support
* This item is a Premium item that only costs 25 gold coins and is intended to show your thoughts are with those in Japan
* The S2 Staff sends its thoughts and prayers to those affected by this disaster and thanks the HoN community for their overwhelming support for the people of Japan.

Version 2.0.18
- Reverted creep stacking mechanism to allow for 2 stacks (3 camps total)
* The change was mistakenly patched into the retail client. We are, however, considering such a change as part of a package of changes aimed at shifting the focus of play away from funneling all of a team's resources into one carry.

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