Saturday, March 12, 2011

Version 2.0.17 - Unicorn Rampage

Version 2.0.17 Patch Change log

- New Alternate Avatar for Rampage: Unicorn Rampage!
* Community Alt Avatar Contest Winner, suggested by Kalium.

- Added a Channeling Bar for heroes with channeling abilities

- Ancient creeps now have 5.5 Magic Armor
* The Dragon Master is no longer Magic Immune, but has 10 Magic Armor

- Fixed shop item tooltips not showing bonuses from modifiers (e.g. Logger's Hatchet, Mystic Vestments)
- Changed the logic of neutral creeps to only use their abilities when there are a number of visible enemy player controlled units instead of just enemy units around them
* This means that they will not use their abilities on lane creeps

- Added order disjoint to creeps that Ophelia (and Whispering Helm) gains control of so they dont mess with other controlled units actions
- Fixed up some of the stringtables
- Fixed an issue that could cause creeps to skip towers very occasionally (when dragged away from the lane at strange angles)

- Can no longer be attacked from outside of his lair even with Savage Mace
- Fixed his lair to clean up the places you could attack him from outside

== Items ==

- The following items' Attack effects will no longer propagate to illusions
* Icebrand
* Frostburn
* Shieldbreaker
* Frostwolf's Skull
* Nullfire Blade

Assassin's Shroud
- Fixed it so that it procs when other projectile-based attack modifiers (Harkon's Blade/Arachna/Vindicator) are used

- Fixed Brutalizer so that it doesn't waste Bubbles' Take Cover
- Optimized some script

- Cleaned up some scripting

Frostwolf Skull

- Optimized scripting
- Fixed it so it won't make buildings glow blue

Geometer's Bane
- Recipe cost reduced from 1200 to 800

- Optimized scripting
- Fixed it so the damage popup shows above the target, not the attacking hero
- Made it nonlethal against allied units when Puppet Show'd

Homecoming Stone
- Optimized some scripting
- Fixed an issue where if you sold your Homecoming Stone while channeling, it'll leave a state that lasts until you die/next teleport is used

Post Haste
- Optimized the scripting

Ring of the Teacher
- Made its toggle not interrupt channeling

Savage Mace
- Fixed Savage Mace to not own Bubbles' Take Cover

- Optimized scripting slightly

Void Talisman
- Anyone under the effect of Void Talisman can now be attacked and all attacks except for Magic-based ones are negated

== Heroes ==

- Deja Vu
* Unitwalking & shadow slow moved to regular form
* Boosted Deja Vu will now cause Aluna to slow any units she runs through (in addition to shadow also slowing)
- Emerald Red
* Manacost lowered from 150 to 75/100/125
* Now uses only 1 charge on use instead of all charges
* Added 0.5 sec cd to skill


- Units hit by her stun will now animate properly after it wears off
- Made her Dimensional Link toggle not interrupt channeling and work on invulnerable units

- Made her Precision toggle not interrupt channeling and work on invulnerable units


- Touched up the scripting on his Armordillo


- Sawblade Showdown cooldown increased from 50 to 65 seconds

- Fixed his Curse of Ages to work with Bubbles' Take Cover
- Fixed enemy units play idle animation after being Stunned

- Optimized scripting slightly
- Made his Vampiric Flight impact the main target when he is 60 units away instead of on top of them
* This stops him being inside of someone when he has unitwalking
- His aura will now affect invulnerable allies correctly

- Optimized the scripting in his skills

- Guttling Hook will no longer grab people on the way back


- Fixed her Essence Link so it successfully heals someone you are inside if they are moving quickly (Magmus stun, etc)


- Fixed the interation between Reflection and things like Harkon's Blade
- Tweaked the scripting slightly

Flint Beastwood
- Fixed his Hollowpoint Shells to work with Bubbles' Take Cover

- Optimized his Grapple and Enfeeble
- Optimized his Gauntlet Blast and fixed a spelling derp
- Gauntlet Blast will now dispel targets before the damage is dealt

- Call to Arms will no longer deal damage to dead (or just rezzed) people who died under it's effects


- Made his Mighty Swing toggle not interrupt channeling

- Made his Righteous Aura toggle not interrupt channeling

- Fixed Splash to interact with Unbreakable correctly

- Terrifying Charge bonus speed from 100/150/200/250 to 100/150/200/500
Fixed a projectile was only for art affecting gameplay in corner cases
- Fixed Taunt so that if enemies are taunted in fog, they will attack Legionnaire
- Optimized his Terrifying Charge and Decapitate


- +1 second to the cooldown of all levels of Stalk
- Fixed rare super long Barrel Roll

- Made his Master of the Mantra toggle not interrupt channeling
- Fixed a damage popup bug with Mana Rift
* Now shows the correct popup value on the target

Moon Queen
- Made her Lunar Glow toggle not interrupt channeling and working on invulnerable allies
- Optimized Multi-Strike attack's scripting

- Int growth lowered from 3.2 to 2.9
- Wave Form range lowered from 1000 to 850

- Optimized Ophelia's Judgement and fixed the state application time to be accurate in time length before the port
- Optimized Ophelia's Touch tags

- Fixed enemy units play idle animation after being a victim of Face Smash

- Fixed his Toss to interact with Unbreakable correctly

- Fixed his Gore from triggering Bubbles' Take Cover

- Fixed Hellfire so it does the correct number of pulses
* Was doing one too few
- Range of the Wall of Mummies pushback/manaburn lowered from 200 to 150

Puppet Master

- Optimized Puppet Show scripting
- Optimized Whiplash; now uses a timer instead of onframe condition

- Optimized some tags of the Stampede
- Fixed the Stampede to prevent it from bugging out sometimes and not pushing the enemy
- Fixed his Horned Strike from triggering Bubbles' Take Cover
- Optimized some tags in the The Chains That Bind

- Fixed Marksman Shot to have a correct buffer range (was 100 too short)
- Optimized Vanish

Soul Reaper
- Made Withering Pressence toggle not interrupt channeling

- Can no longer crit from Way of the Sword while using Blade Frenzy


- Chain Reaction stun from 2s flat to 1.25/1.5/1.75/2s
- Cleaned up Torment scripting

- Optimized Piercing Shards and Call of Winter
- Made his Cold Shoulder not sometimes put him in a random position relative to the enemy
- Made his Avalanche speed faster to speed up when the push happens

- Optimized Glyph of Silence
- Made Final Chapter go through invulnerability

- Optimized a tag in Bear Root
- Made Booboo's deniable percent to 10% from 50%

Witch Slayer
- Fixed a bug that caused him to gain mana even if the target had none

- Cyclones will heal the same amount (30) if they expire or are used
- Fixed Zephyr spawning Cyclones on enemy corpses if he kills stuff while dead

* Optimizations don't affect gameplay, it's to make the servers use less resources for those skills while retaining their effects.

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