Friday, January 28, 2011

2.0.9 Changelog - Sachi Swiftblade

2.0.9 Patch Notes

== General ==

- This patch has brought the first Gold Collection Avatar, Sachi Swiftblade. She will only be available for purchase until Friday, February 4th at 12 PM EST, so act swiftly to be one of the lucky few to own her!
* Gold Collection items are only available for a limited time

- Tweaked the ramps near Kongor on Caldavar to be much wider
- Casual Mode games now automatically start with a courier for each team
- Outpost no longer has Snake Bracelet or Minor Totem in it, now has an Apprentice's Robe

== Shop Improvements ==

- The green border around a component now takes into account your stash.
- An orange border will be displayed around a component if you own it, but it's not in the selected unit's inventory. It will not show up if it's in anyone else's stash, if you can't see it, or if it's held by an enemy.
- "Buy All Components" is now "Buy Remaining", which will purchase only the items without a green or orange border. It'll also buy items going left to right, depth-first, so it can still buy some components even if you can't afford all.
- You can now buy while dead and then sell those items back while still dead
- Added a new icon over the item when it's still in the grace period for 100% sell-back value

- Fixed courier purchase messages showing the wrong player as buying them
- Added more account icons
- A courier will no longer automatically transfer wards to you, unless you bought the wards
- Stunned units can no longer use the Grimm Teleporters
- You can now earn smackdowns/humiliations if a player-owned unit gets the killing blow. These kills are now also counted for nemesis/paybacks.
- Fixed the timer for votes showing the wrong amount of time remaining. It wasn't taking into account time spent paused
- You can no longer concede once the enemy team has conceded

- Fixed the available avatars icon from incorrectly showing if a player does not have access or the ability to purchase any of the avatars for that hero
- Added GetGameTime and GetTotalTime console commands
- Font loading and memory optimizations
* Fonts load about twice as fast now and use about half the memory
- When a user joins the queue and a match has not been established in their MMR bracket/game type/map, the average wait time will display as "??? seconds" instead of "0 seconds"

== Items ==

Blood Chalice
- Now takes a Scarab instead of a Trinket of Restoration
* No longer gives +2 Health Regeneration
* Does not give any Mana Regeneration passively

- Now gives +51 damage instead of +50 as it is a correct sum of its parts

- The spell-block component no longer propagates to Illusions

- Fixed the Mana Burn to correctly do Magic damage instead of True

Sacrificial Stone
- Added +10 damage (from Sustainer)
- Fixed a bug where you could put the stone on a non-hero unit and it wouldn't lose charges
- Fixed it so that the wielder must be a hero in order to get charges added to it

== Heroes ==

- Fixed an anomaly with Nullstone and Boom Dust allowing Bombardier to use Boom Dust when he has 0 charges
- Fixed Sticky Bomb from showing a stun visual when it explodes with 0 charges on it

- Fixed Time Freeze so that the damage won't be lethal to allied units

Corrupted Disciple
- Optimized Corrupted Conduit to use less game resources

- Fixed Dampeer's Bloodthirst dispeling Sage's Lore
- Should no longer lose his essence charge if he dies with Token of Life active

- Cadaver Armor will now gain charges equal to the strength gained (no gameplay change, just a cosmetic bonus)

Flint Beastwood
- Fixed Money Shot so that it always plays the sound when it should
* Fixes an issue where the sound would play even if the target did not die
- Fixed alternate avatar from saying gibberish each time he procs his Hollowpoint Shells
- Fixed his Hollowpoint Shells from killing allied heroes

Forsaken Archer
- Fixed Forsaken Archers' skeletons not attacking your target if you issue an attack order from far away & decide to activate skeletons early on
- Fixed Forsaken Archer's skeleton timer from displaying wrong time values when you summon a bunch of skeletons by toggling Call of the Damned quickly

- Infernal Instability is no longer dispellable

- Added disjoint to Showdown (I Have No Patience) upon returning the target
- Fixed Pitfall sound effect glitches
- Made the state that deals damage to you after the Call to Arms visible so you know what is damaging you

- Resized his alt avatar
- Fixed his Tsunami Charge so it will no longer dispel other stuns on the enemies
- Fixed his Release the Kraken! effect playing 1 second too long

- Fixed Terrifying Charge from canceling when a unit is on the edge of fog (again)
- Fixed Terrifying Charge so it can be blocked by Moraxus
- Decapitate cast effect type changed from Physical to SuperiorMagic
* This means it can now be cast on Physical Immune as well as Magic Immune units

- Fixed his sword stance not playing his idle animation when you go back to regular sword stance
- Fixed Maliken's colors when using sword modes

- Fixing his Magic Carp from proccing events like Corrupted Disciple's Static Discharge more than once

- Fixed Flick to not work on invulnerable units
* Also fixed Flick to properly trigger Moraxus Arcane Shield

- Fixed Wrath of the Pharaoh being able to hit a unit behind him when he casts it.
- Tweaked how Wrath of the Pharaoh works with Staff of the Master. Added a new fifth ability to swap between the versions

- Fixed Venomous Leap so you can correctly disjoint it

Sand Wraith
- Properly fixed Mirage so there won't be a cooldown on Manifest right after you cast Mirage
- Implemented a visual timer on Mirage to let Sand Wraith users know how long Manifest is going to be available

Soul Reaper
- Fixed Demonic Execution so that it always plays the sound when it should
* Fixes an issue where the sound would play even if the target did not die

- No longer gains souls from killing gadgets

- Fixed Mesmerize so the first damage tick happens correctly

- Credits to [S2]ElementUser for the majority of the gameplay bug fixes.

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