Monday, January 17, 2011 Patch Notes - Kick makes a comeback Patch Notes

-- Fixed Reconnection issues
* Reconnection was not always working, this fix should get it off the failboat

- Fixed Helga Hammerstorm icon

Version 2.0.6
- Added a new Alt Avatar for Gladiator: Adventure Gladiator
- Added a new Alt Avatar for Hammerstorm: Helga Hammerstorm

- Based on player feedback and data from the last month of matches significant improvements to the MM algorithm have been made which should result in matches being much more balanced
- Groups waiting more than a few minutes in the queue should now find themselves being placed into a fair match much sooner than previously
* This also includes groups with very high or very low MMR that were having to wait much longer than the average queue times

- Added more icons and another bundle
- Vote kick has been re-added to the game
* A kick vote against someone can only be called once every 3 minutes
- Concede now only requires 4/5 "Yes" votes after 30 minutes instead of normal 5/5
- Fixed a bunch of console errors
- Fixed an issue on the hero selection screen for the Hellbourne team
* Part of the UI was overlapping the hero selected circle and causing issues
- Can now click store item icons to view bundle/avatar/announcer preview windows
- Add Romanian language to system bar language selection combobox
- Tweak to progression interface to display 4-digit cumulative stats
- Added a "Back" button [back to player stats] for match stats panel when clicking to view another player's stats for a particular match
- Fixed the AFK kick vote to indicate that it is team only

- Items in the shop now show their total cost by default
* To see just the recipe cost, hold down control with the shop open
- Wards now have a 'Timer' bar above them that shows how much time is left at a glance
- Fixed a bug where Striders could get charges while on cooldown

- Re-recorded Gladiator's voice

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