Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hon is now retail - Version 1.0.0

Message from [S2]Maliken
"The time is upon us to make more content in the form of heroes, items, features, and maps.  You say, how can that be?  Heroes of Newerth's beta process was actually a test pilot for how the game will be supported beyond retail.  What does that mean?  Just because you have to have a purchased account to continue to play HoN after Wednesday, May 12th @ 4:00pm EST (-5 GMT), it doesn't mean you should expect that version to be the last and final version.  HoN is a service.  It will never truly be finished and that means you can count on lots of additions to the game and consistent patching long after the game "goes retail".

Don't miss out on all the greatness yet to come by pre-purchasing now @

Here is a sneak peak of things to come:

 •  Consistent NEW Content Patches
 •  Arranged Team Matchmaking
 •  Full Scale Support for Competitive Play (many tournaments and more in-game features to come)
 •  Achievements
 •  New Game Modes
 •  SDK (includes Map Editor) - Empowering players to create their own games and different modes.
 •  The DREAM Program - soon to be released @

Heroes of Newerth will only get better and we want you along for the ride.  We appreciate all the help in testing the game over the past year and hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.  Hopefully we will see you all throughout the long, fun ride ahead; its going to be amazing.

My sincerest thanks and best wishes,


Also with the retail release the new patch has been released, here is the changelog:

Version 1.0.0
Release Build

Bug Fixes

- Fixed terminating players properly ingame when they left
- Fixed disconnection caused by the terminated player message
- Fixed upside down taskbar icon under Linux
- Fixed matchmaking giving improper point values
- Fixed the black and white box when picking a dev hero
- Fixed MinPSR/MaxPSR not being reset back to 0 when a game ends
- Rate of passive income is now adjusted when a player terminates (Higher with less players)
- Cleaned up create game dialog
- Added a frame that holds the disconnect button on the loading screen
- Updated tooltip description for hardcore mode so it doesn't say items are dropped
- Tweaked Linux resource auto-reloading


New Dev hero, Gauntlet

- Minions spawned by Balphagore's ult will now die if their target dies
- Won't eat Items, Wildsoul's Bear, or Mechanical units anymore

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