Saturday, January 16, 2010

0.1.65 Patch Notes

was going to get some love this patch, but... well...
Too Bad!

Version 0.1.65

- Significant Lane Creep AI changes
* These all involve the assist trigger that causes the creeps to aggro you when you attack an enemy hero:
1. When a hero causes the assist trigger to go off, there is a 200ms delay before the creeps will turn and come at you
2. Creeps will chase for exactly 1600ms (down from 1800ms)
3. If a creep is in the middle of an attack animation but has not hit its attack impact point (600ms), it will de-aggro and stop its attack as long as you are out of it's short melee range
* AKA: Creeps will not finish attacks they start on you if they hit the end of the trigger
4. A creep must deal damage before it can be called by the assist trigger again
* This means if you tug, they must turn around and actually deal damage to a unit before it can chase again
5. You must be within 600 units of an enemy hero to cause the assist trigger to go off

Added a stringtable entry for Meatball
- Updated the ramps to be better
- Fixed a bunch of inconsistent in game messages that showing the incorrect killer/victim colors
* Legion is now Red and Hellbourne is now Green
- Kongor now has unitwalking by default
* This fixes the exploits that caused him to be trapped in his lair

- Updated Russian Stringtables
- Added a Patch Notes button in place of the Create Account button on the main screen
* This was a Mod, thanks to Thread 65344 and Sephinator
- vid_meshGPUDeform false now works (only for openGL)
- Fixed a bug where the "No Leaver" flag wasn't reset at the end of matches
* This was causing players to see a message saying they were unable to join a game because they had too many leaves when selecting a server that was previously setup with the "No Leaver" game option.
- Fixed the Pre-Query Filter button so it saves it's settings again
- Added an "Official" icon to the game lobby when games are official
- Updated "Invite to game" functionality to display all relevant game information

Items (4)

Barbed Armor
- Fixed to actually return 80% damage (was returning 75%)
Sacrificial Stone
- Gains 25 health per charge
- Gains .25 health regen per charge
Portal Key
- Cooldown lowered by 4 seconds
- Recipe now has a stock of 3 to start, with a recharge time of 10 minutes per recipe

Heroes (6)

- Slow on Flaming Hammer increased to 15,20,25,30 (from 10,15,20,25)
- Flaming Hammer lowers magic armor by 2,3,4,5 of anyone it is on
- Frenzy buff gives 7,14,21,28% cast speed as well

- Updated effects for all abilities. Now darker!

- -25% Movespeed for 2 seconds after Stalk ends

Moon Queen
- Multi-Strike, when toggled on, will now only bounce attacks to other visible enemy heroes when the primary target is also a hero

Pollywog Priest
- Morph changed to instant cast time (from 300)
- Voodoo Wards re-arranged to make trapping slightly easier (a hole in the middle, naturally)

- You can now deny people under the effect of Sage's Lore 

Prevoius Hon Patch Changelogs:

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